5 easy ways to transform your Living room

Sometimes you just get tired of your Living room, I know I do. Staring at the same walls every evening can get a bit boring. Yet you don’t always have the time or the money to completely re-decorate your room. So I’ve come up with five great ways that will transform your living room for little or no money compared to redecorating.

1. Splashes of colour.

Pick an accent colour that co-ordinates with your sofa and curtains and buy or repaint your accessories in this new colour. It’s amazing what some spray paints will stick to these days and a few new pops of colour around the room can make a world of difference.

2. Change your curtains to blinds.

The windows in your living room¬†are¬†major focal point and can be dressed up in so many ways. Why not try changing your curtains to blinds. Blinds are much easier to keep clean and don’t have that messy look that some curtains can have when they are not hung properly. They also give a room a bigger sense of space because they don’t encroach into the living space. You can order a free sample to try out in your home from Blinds Direct Online here.

3. Have a feature wall.

Quite often DIY stores have end of lines and discounts on small tins of paint. This is perfect for a low cost way of transforming your room, plus it doesn’t require the full move that doing the whole room does. Just push the furniture to the opposite end and lay some dust sheets down. In an hour or so you have a whole new look to your living room.

4. Soft furnishings.

Want to change your living room look to reflect the season? Why not add fluffy cushions and a cosy woollen throw in winter for extra snuggly comfort. In summer change to cool crisp cotton and linen cushions and a coir mat.

5. Change your living room for no money.

Finally, this has to be my favourite thing to do when I’m bored, but it really works to bring a whole new look to your living room.
Move the furniture, change the focal point of the room, rearrange the ornaments. Suddenly you have a whole new outlook on your space without ever spending any money.

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  1. Fantastic tips! I love revamping rooms, especially for the changing seasons. I'm so lucky and my husband is just as crazy as me and wants to rearrange furniture all the time! Haha

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