What’s in my Fridge?

This post was inspired by one I read on Lylia Roses excellent blog.
Post original published on Brain Fud.
I am nosey, I will happily admit it. I love to know about people and especially about what they like to eat. So when people post pics or blog posts about their cupboards or fridge contents I can’t help but read and savour the pictures. We are all so different and our eating habits reflect that. Whether it’s your busy lifestyle or your training programme dictating what you eat. Or your health needs and ethics you can see it all inside your fridge.

So I thought enough poking about in others it’s time to share
what’s inside mine.
The contents of my fridge don’t just reflect me but the rest
of my family so it can appear to be a bit of an odd mix.
I’m vegetarian and so are my children, hubby is a meat eater
but not in the house. I’m coeliac but everyone else eats a normal diet. I’m
also just starting to eat dairy after being lactose intolerant for years, now I
am recovering from the damage done by coeliac disease.
Top shelf.

Flavour centre, I love to cook with things that add extra
flavour. You will always find pesto (vegetarian and gluten free) in my fridge,
along with mustard, (wholegrain and Dejon). I love to throw sundried tomatoes
into salads and love the kick you get from ginger in baking and stir fries. I
am also loving eating natural yoghurt and sour cream again after being dairy

Mid point.

The middle of my fridge is a bit of a random jumble, it’s
where I tend to store veg that can’t fit in salad drawers, such as my leeks and
rhubarb. It’s also where you’ll find fresh coffee, which my hubby loves but I
can’t stand. I am a tea girl all the way. My kids love fromage fraise and my
hubby loves jelly in his lunchbox! We also have to buy free range eggs in the
jumbo packs as we get through 15 in a week.

You might spot that there are two lots of Margarine and two
lots of butter, that’s because I have to keep mine separate to avoid crumbs. I
have been known to have a melt down over someone using my butter!
The doors

Someone once told me you shouldn’t leave your milk in the
door as it’s not the coolest part of the fridge, but I have no idea where else
we could store it. The fridge is always packed so in the door it will have to
stay. The boys drink a lot of milk and we get through roughly twelve pints a
week. Although I’m starting to eat dairy again, I still prefer the taste of
soya or almond milk in my smoothies and on my granola. I also love to use maple
syrup as a sweetener and often have at least two strength grades in the fridge.

The green drawers.

This is always packed and often over flows onto other shelves.
I try and eat as seasonal as possible, but the kids often dictate. That’s why
you’ll always find tomatoes and grapes in the fridge no matter what the time of
year. This week I’ve also bought baby corn, asparagus which has just come into
season, broccoli, kale, red cabbage, spring onions and French beans. So the
menu this week is full of risotto, stir-fry and soup.

So I’ve shared the contents of my fridge what do you think?
Is your fridge very different to mine?


14 Replies to “What’s in my Fridge?”

  1. Loveeeeeeee your fridge organization!!! I just change my fridge .. I still don't know why!? lol … I work outside home so I don't have much time to cook big full meals .. so my fridge consist mostly of seltzer water, fruits, yogurts for the kids and ice cream ,,, ho and I have a couple of veggies that I will use during the week .
    Thanks for sharing your work with us at #alittlebitofeverything

  2. Ok Your fridge is super organized. My fridge is usally only organized for a day or two. I didn't know you are not suppose to store your milk on the doors. Your making me want to do a whats in my fridge post now. lol Side note your fridge is a lot healther then mine. (insert emoji covering eyes) lol Great Post!

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