Great snack ideas for hungry kids*

Review post for Calsway*

So the summer holidays are here and you can breath a sigh of relief that the school runs and morning panic may die down for a while at least. I used to think that I wouldn’t have to be worried about lunchboxes as well. But my kids seem to be hungrier than ever in the summer and I am always on the look out for healthy options to give them as snacks.

Great snack ideas for hungry kids















I was mistaken in thinking I would want to give up the packed lunch. This has been the single biggest thing to save us money over the previous holidays. Don’t get caught out having to stop in cafes or pickup something on the run when your out and about with the kids. This can easily mount up and that money could have been spent of a great activity rather than just eating.

Kids love a picnic so always pack a lunch for your day out and you’ll be quid’s in.

Calsway recently sent us the Kids Lunchbox rescue set for us to review and it ticks so many of my boxes.
Healthy? Check
Quick and easy? check
Great for on the run snacking? Check
Do the kids love it? Check

Great snack ideas for hungry kids










The grab bags of Rock and Roll Balls (My favourite) and Fruity Stripes (The boys favourite) are perfect for throwing in the good old mum bag for instant relief of hunger pangs from the back seat of the car.

Who could turn their nose up at this tasty lunch?

Fresh salad, fruit berry mix and Grandmas crisps. All you need is an ice pack to keep your salad fresh and a drink and your good to go.

Great snack ideas for hungry kids







You eat with your eyes right?

Some children could easily turn their nose up at ‘healthy snacks’ being offered by parents but this plate looks so good no child will be able to resist. Rock and Roll balls are a great source of protein and iron and are gluten free too. Grandpa’s crisps are high in fibre and gluten free and the fruity stripes are perfect for satisfy any sweet tooth.
Great snack ideas for hungry kids

These snacks are perfect for summer snacking and would be a great addition to the packed lunchbox in September.
I was sent the snacks from Calsway in return for my honest review. You can find out more in my advertising and disclosure policy.
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