Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

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You may or may not know that I am a lover of all things vintage. Our house is decorated with a wide range of furniture from many time periods and I think that my body shape suits a more vintage look. Which is why it may come as no surprise that my newest business is vintage related. The great thing about vintage is you can mix it up with what you already have and I thought I would share seven great ideas for how to use Vintage Apple Crates in your home and garden.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

In need of storage in your garden?

Show off what could be seen as everyday, make a mini display cabinet or your garden tools and favourite potted plants. I love having mint at this height as it’s great to brush past and smell.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates


Plant up your vintage apples crates.

For a more permanent feature, line the crate with breathable membrane and plant up. For seasonal colour, hide ugly plastic plant pots inside the crate and swap as the seasons and flowers change.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Store those shoes.

Tidy away your shoes and boots or show off your favourite pairs. I think this would also look great at a wedding wear you could have a flip flop swap for tired feet in heels.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Make a snuggle box.

It may be summer but it will soon be Autumn. Make a snuggle box at the end of your sofa to stash all your favourite cosy blankets and cushions. Everything you need is in hand when you feel the need to cosy up.


Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Stack them up!

Run out of space for your plant pots? Windowsill to small? How about stacking up crates and using them for your house plants. Make sure to secure to the wall with brackets if you have little’s ones though. Mine were always climbing!
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Creative play spaces for kids.

My kids loved this little set up I made in the playroom. Initially I just thought of it for book storage, but they love it for small world play. Setting up little dioramas. I could see these been endlessly played with my boys creative minds.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

A chuck box.

Every kids room needs a chuck box. I’ve softened this one for their bedroom by lining it with a fleece blanket. A chuck box is great for a quick tidy. Especially if you have an ever growing mountain of cuddly toys. I swear they are breeding. Make a game of it and get the kids to clean the floor in their room by chucking everything into the box.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates
I hoped you liked my inspirational uses of apple crates. Have you got any great suggestions? I’d love to know.
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You can also check out my Pinterest board for further ideas.
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  1. Oooh some fab ideas here! I have a lovely peronsalised vintage apple crate…it's in the kitchen and contains a load of miscellaneous stuff….perhaps not the best use?!!! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub and see you after the summer! xoxo

  2. I really like all the different ways you used the apple crates. I find crates a bit too rustic for my every day decor, but for fall they are perfect. I have a few of them in my storage room. I want to try to stack them so they have a nice scent at the front door like you did with the mint.

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