June blog stats and July goals

Wow, June just came and went. I’ve been busy on other things apart from blogging this month too. Preparing for returning to teaching in September and celebrating my birthday! So I was pleased when I took a look at my June blog stats.

June blog stats

Here are my June blog stats:

Page views 4,991 which is nearly half of what I saw in May. I put this down to not running any giveaways this month which saw lots of traffic generated in May.

Twitter followers 3793 up 180 this month. I’m pretty pleased with this as I haven’t been actively working on gaining new followers on twitter.

Pinterest followers 1068 up 19 I’ve just started a free trial of tailwind and so far it’s showing good signs.

Facebook likes 308 up 12 Surprised by this really as Facebook engagement is so low.

Instagram followers 977 1066 up 89 Really pleased with this. Posting everyday and working those hashtags is paying off.

HIBs ranking 244 down 58
TOTS ranking 467

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Hotteeze, Enchanted rebels, LA Tanning, Buttoonies, heat holders, Swedish torch, Dylon, I sea Bacon and Pasta, Confetti and co, Oxo Tots, Breakfast by Bella, Pulsin

I didn’t run any this month and saw it in the downturn of my stats. Planning on running some to link with my shop in July.

Guest posting.
I was blogger of the month on The Baby Spot. (doing a little happy dance)

My June blog goals were:

  • Increase Instagram followers to 1000. I am pleased to have gone over this target, but I have been working really hard on making sure to post once a day and I have been trying out and tweaking lots of different hashtags.
  • Increase Facebook engagement. I have been trying and although Facebook engagement remains low I have gained new followers.
  • Continue to update and promote old posts, aim to do 10. Still plugging away at this one.
  • Run two giveaways. This didn’t happen.
  • Blog every other day. I managed to this plus a little more

My July goals are:

  • Increase Instagram followers to 1200. I’m setting the bar higher this month to try and push myself.
  • Take new photographs for some of my old posts. Planning on cooking some of my recipes, so I thought this would be the ideal time to take better pics.
  • Run at least one giveaway.
  • Blog twice a week. I am realistic about how much time I will get to work on the blog once the kids are off school.
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