Minion Madness

Collaborative post for #DespicableMe3. Minion madness has hit our house. It’s undisputed there is only one way to say banana in our house these days and its BA-NA-NAA. My boys have been big fans of the Minions from Despicable me so they were delighted when Despicable Me 3 came out. The minions make the movie as far as me and the boys are concerned and this summer will certainly be one of Minion madness.

Minion Madness

Slowly our house is turning yellow and blue.

Minions are creeping into every aspect of our summer.
Ready for a day out Despicable Me 3 Style. Rocking the cap and sunglasses. I wish these sunglasses fitted my head as they are so cool with little minions are all around the edge.  I’ve tried wearing them but unfortunately my head is not getting any smaller.

Minion Madness
Minion Madness

No better way to solve sibling squabbles than to get your brother than with a water pistol fight. Even if it’s raining.

Minion Madness

Ok. I will admit it. The outfit is intended to be for the eldest, but I couldn’t resist getting into it. Next fancy dress day at school I know what I’ll be going as.

So if you see a haze of blue and yellow accompanied by a cry of BA-NA-NAA at the parks and festivals of the West Midlands this summer you’ll know who it is! Stop us and say Hi!

If you fancy having a go at getting crafty and making some great Minion madness inspired gifts, games and tasty treats. Please check out my latest Minion Madness Pinterest board.

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  1. Fun! Those minions are cute… I sang part of the "Bo do Bweep…" lullaby to my grown son the other day when telling him he needed to get more sleep! 🙂 We all laughed at his expression!

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