A new way to cleanse

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OK I will admit it, I am lazy when it comes to remembering to cleanse my skin before bed. Sometimes brushing my teeth is all I can manage before my head wants to hit the pillow. I have even been known to commit the biggest skincare no no and go to bed with my make up on.

A new way to cleanse















This may all change.

Now I have a new gadget for the bathroom. Who doesn’t love a gadget? I know I am a sucker for them, especially when they come in such lovely packaging.

I was excited and curious when the silicone facial cleansing brush from SENSSE arrived for me to review. My hubby and I laughed as I nervously switched it on for the first time and it vibrated away.

A new way to cleanse







Hubby was still laughing as he went to bed and I being good to my skin, took my makeup off and rinsed my face with water ready to cleanse with my new toy.

I applied my favourite Hot cloth cleanser by No.7 and got to work. Sliding the brush over my face was a strange feeling. I didn’t know my face was so ticklish. I changed the intensity for around my eyes using outward strokes hoping this would help with my bags. Then I rinsed my face and thought I’d give the anti ageing mode ago.

To do this, you flip the brush over and on the back are raised silicone dots that you massage your face with. I focused on my forehead as this is my biggest area of wrinkles. (I think I’m a frowner)

A new way to cleanse










All the time by hubby thought this was funny and a bit of a fad. I wanted to agree with him that it was all too much faff and it wouldn’t be coming out of the drawer again. Yet, I was secretly pleased at the fresh face that was staring back at my at half ten at night. Whether it really is drawing out the dirt and impurities or just making me a little flushed looking from the vibrations. I’m not sure but I was really pleased what is basically simple cleansing could achieve. Plus it comes in a glittery bag! What’s not to love.
A new way to cleanse

I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. You can find out more in my advertising and disclosure policy.

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