Post workout snacks*

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Hubby has recently started to workout more. I bought him a bike clamp so he could ride his bike through the winter and now the summer has arrived he often goes out on it in the evenings. Doing 10 – 20 miles. I think this is because he recently hit forty. He’s not overweight in fact he weighs the same as me! But I think he had started to feel a drop in his fitness levels.

Post workout snacks

Before we had kids we both used to attend the gym and hubby often played football in a five a side. After kids we found we wanted to use out free time to be with them so our fitness probably did go down. So his focus as been upping his strength and stamina. Fair play to him he is working hard at it and it does make me think that I should perhaps do some more too. Although at the moment I walk fives miles a day doing the school runs, but in September that will change when I go back to work.

Post workout snacks

Post workout snacks

The problem hubby has now with all this extra exercise is he’s starving when he finishes. Like I said he’s not overweight so when he’s ridden 20 miles he’s burnt up lots of calories. So we’ve been having a look at different sources of food he could grab when he needs it the most. One of the things his recently tried are these protein cookies which are packed full of Whey protein, making them the ideal source of nutrition to boost him after his workout.

Post workout snacks

They are convenient and he says they are tasty. I haven’t tried them as they are not gluten free and the one type are not vegetarian. If they were I’d be in there as I love a cookie. The only negative thing he said about them was they were quite soft in texture and he would like more crunch, but he’s a bit of an old school biscuit man than a cookie fan. My only issue I had with them was the amount of sugar but that’s ok if you are exercising. Not to be just munch on as a snack whilst on the sofa!

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