Top tips for flying with kids*

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Summer holidays are nearly here and as you frantically try and pack. You may start to worry about how your kids will cope on a flight. Not only do you want it to be a stress free as possible for you but as enjoyable as possible for the kids. Lets face it, it’s boring, cramped and uncomfortable for the best of us. Let alone a four year old that loves to be outdoors all the time! So here are my top tips for flying with kids.
Top tips for flying with kids*














1. Choose a flight time that right for you as a family.

Are your kids great sleepers and can sleep anywhere? Go for a night or early morning flight where they snooze away the hours. Or are your kids at their best in the day? You do not want to have to entertain an overtired child who will just not sleep, so go for a day flight. Mine like to sleep in a bed and are much more easy going I the day so we plan to fly in the afternoon and get to our accommodation just before bedtime. Then we can all rest and start the holiday fresh in the morning.

2. Get them to pack their own in flight bags.

If they have their own seat then they have their own luggage allowance. Take advantage of this and get them to take responsibility for their bag. Choose one with wheels so they don’t have to carry it. We have mini suitcases with a pull out handle for the boys, but my sister in law raves about the trunki bags.

3. Get good quality earphones for their electronic devices.

I cant stand the ones that go in your ears and neither can the boys. Choose some comfy ones like these ONTA gorsun foldable headphones. Which come in funky colours and then you and no one else have to listen to the annoying music that their games make.

Top tips for flying with kids*









4. In their in flight bags make sure to pack.

Their tablet for which ever game they like playing. A activity book and pens. A reading book. A cuddly toy from their bed for comfort and a small blanket as planes are always chilly and we are always dressed for the holiday.

5. My final top tip would be to pack wet wipes.

No matter how old your kids get and I’m including my husband in this as well. You will inevitably need wet wipes. Sticky hands from snack time, drawn over themselves with pen, spilt their drink they always come in so handy. I love these WaterWipes as their are so gentle on my kids delicate skin and don’t have the long worrying list of strange ingredients that most wet wipes have.

Top tips for flying with kids*









Top tips from other Blogger Mothers.

Girly Geekdom suggests taking a lolly for children to suck especially when taking off and landing, along with lots of other great tips for traveling with babies and toddlers in her great post . I would thoroughly recommend this for everyone. My ears always hurt too.

Burnished Chaos on twitter recommended taking snacks that could be spaced out across the journey and new games for a tablet. Whilst I’m not a big fan of too much screen time, I do recognise how useful they are on long journeys. Break tablet time up with reading or colouring too.

Ellie Press suggests that you don’t fall into the trap of paying extra to be seated with your kids. I know a lot of airlines are asking for you to pay to prebook. However we never pay extra and once someone realises they are going have to sit next to your unaccompanied four year old, they soon find it possible to seat you all together! Shame really I wouldn’t mind having a couple of hours peace to read my book! 

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19 Replies to “Top tips for flying with kids*”

  1. Some fab tips here preparation is most definitely the key and I agree wipes are essential amazing the mess you can make on a plane when travelling with kids! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this x

  2. I really must try a tablet for my toddler next time we fly – she doesn't generally have any interest in tv / games but hopefully it might buy us a few moments peace on a plane! #familytraveltips

  3. Great tips – we just took our boys for the first time this year (and yes I paid the extra to book their seats as I wanted them to have window seats too). Also make sure the chargers are accessible – our flights were delayed each way. #familytraveltips

  4. Super helpful! Definitely think it's all about the time you choose to fly. We made the mistake of booking it during the day and it was the worst decision of my life (even worse than that time I chugged a keg upside down in uni)! Side note: Water wipes are the best! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  5. Great suggestions, I hadn't thought about bringing a lolly, apart from anything it's a good way to keep them busy! Interesting point about not booking seats. I used to be very relaxed about seat bookings but I've heard quite a few families complain about people not moving which really surprised me so now I book them so I don't have to worry! #familytraveltips

  6. Oh gosh, those water wipes are a godsend aren't they? I always pack them because they're great for taking makeup off too! Great tips, thank you! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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