Ultimate summer holiday bucket list

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So the summer holidays are here. I feel so fortunate that I get to spend time with my kids over the holidays. However there are sometimes, when by 9am we have run out of activities and the kids are already ‘bored’. Not that I mind a little boredom, but sometimes both the kids and I need a little inspiration for how to fill the long lay days of summer. So this year we’ve created what we think is the ultimate summer holiday bucket list of 75 great ideas.

Ultimate summer holiday bucket list

Bearing in mind that my kids are 8 and 4, so some activities might not be suitable for older or younger ones. We hope to try and tick off all of them by September. Why not join us and enjoy a fun filled vacation. I’ve included a free printable of the bucket list for your to print off and stick on the fridge. Enjoy!

The ultimate summer holiday bucket list.

1 Go for a walk
2 Have a picnic
3 Have a water fight
4 Make a smoothie
5 Bake a cake
6 Build a den
7 Go camping
8 Go to the park
9 Visit the library
10 Movie night
11 Play board games
12 Have a treasure hunt
13 Go swimming
14 Read a book
15 Make a scrapbook
16 Paint your face
17 Make ice lollies
18 Go to the cinema
19 Go on a bug hunt
20 Learn to juggle
21 Go for bike ride
22 Have a playdate
23 Grow something
24 Junk box modelling
25 Go pond dipping
26 Make a bug hotel
27 Paint outdoors
28 Make a nature table
29 Be pirates for the day
30 Go to the beach
31 Make pizza
32 Play Frisbee
33 Visit a museum
34 Take a road trip
35 Fly a kite
36 Make pet rocks
37 Scavenger hunt walk
Ultimate summer holiday bucket list
38  Go bowling
39 Visit the zoo
40 Decorate cupcakes
41 Play bubbles
42 Make a volcano
43 Make a video
44 Do rubbings
45 Make ice cream sundaes
46 Nature art
47 Collect sea shells
48 Make popcorn
49 Grow a cress head
50 Print with leaves
51 Make puppets
52 Make cutlery people
53 Have pancakes for breakfast
54 Make lemonade
55 Make milkshakes
56 Feed the ducks
57 Eat watermelon
58 Unplug for the day
59 Bake cookies
60 Go to the PYO
61 Build something out of lego
62  Build a sandcastle
63 Go crabbing
64 Visit a farm
65 Visit a castle
66 Junk modelling
67 Make sand art
68 Have races
69 Visit a friend or relative
70 Make fruit kebabs
71 Write postcards
72 Pavement chalking
73 Waterbomb painting
74 Make an ocean in a bottle
75 Make a monster
Hope you enjoy the ultimate summer holiday bucket list. Don’t forget to tag me on twitter if you are joining in.
Ultimate summer holiday bucket list



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  1. This is a perfect bucket list for over the holidays and I think I'm definitely up for this mission! Unfortunately I won't be able to drive for the next few weeks which isn't great timing but a lot of these can be done close to home which is brilliant! Thanks for the ideas! Loving the idea of an ocean in a bottle especially. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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