My favourite illustration tools

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I have worked on and off on my illustration work over the years and it’s something that has built up to offer me a little extra income whilst I’ve been taking a career break. I love the feeling I get when I sell something on Redbubble or someone buys my fabric on Spoonflower. It’s a nice feeling to know someone out there has made something with my design on. Recently my illustration work has taken off and I got signed to Allied Artists illustration agency.illustration tools

I often get asked about my choice of pens and other tools when I post pics on Instagram and twitter, so I thought I’d share my favourite illustration tools with you today.

Black illustration pens.

illustration tools Like shoes, I have a bit of a problem with collecting when it comes to black pens. I am always on the lookout for the perfect black pen that can deliver it all. For me, there is nothing better than inking over the messy pencil sketches with smooth black lines. These are currently my favourites.
Sharpie Fine Tip Pen
uni-ball Air Blister Pen
Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pen
Uni-ball Eye UB-157 Rollerball Pen Fine
Dual Brush Pen – Black


I recently rediscovered my love of watercolours, I love the fluid nature of them and the unexpected results they can bring. But it was only very recently that my whole watercolour painting experienced changed. After watching some great videos on watercolour painting for surface pattern design I bought some Artist Water Paintbrush for Watercolors which you fill with water, so no more muddy coloured water pot and I’ve tried out some Liquid Watercolors  which I love for the intensity they bring to my paintings.

Penclic mouseillustration tools

This is my new favourite tool. The Penclic  is great for illustrators that spend alot of time on the computer. I often find that I get a cramp in my hand from holding the mouse and often find I can’t get the control I need when designing on the computer with my mouse. This is used like a pen so it gives me more control and a more comfortable hand after a couple of hours recolouring designs. It’s a great bridge before I can save up enough to buy myself a Wacom

Adobe Illustratorillustration tools

Finally this has been my most expensive illustation tool but by far the best investment. I love the pattern making functions which are great for my work in surface pattern and textile design. If you can’t afford Adobe illustrator I would recommend inkscape for great vector work and gimp for making patterns both of which are free!

Do you have any illustration tools that you can’t do without?illustration tools

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  1. I would love to have the skills to need these tools! But I have to outsource the artistic talent and I need so much support on the tech side as it just doesn’t go in! I love your illustrations!

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