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As a Food teacher I often have the most terrible nails. With all the washing up and hand washing my nails take a battering. So I only really get nice nails in the summer holidays. Instead I often paint my toenails and flash them around in sparkly shoes. Which is why me and my toes were delighted to test out Jamberry nail wraps.jamberry nail wraps

I have only ever had my nails professionally done once and that was for my wedding. Partly it’s the price but also the time it takes. Having the chance of having nails that look professional that I can do at home sounded great.

I have often looked admiringly at other peoples nail art and hats off to anyone who can actually do their own nails so creatively. Sometimes it’s a struggle for me to get a decent coat on my nails before the kids need something and at least one of them has got smudged.

No smudges with Jamberry nail wraps, as they are made of foil and applied in a completely different manner.

You have to prepare your nails first by pushing back the cuticles and making sure they are absolutely clean with alcohol wipes.jamberry nail wraps

Then you cut the foils, choosing the size most suitable for each nail. Heat briefly with a hairdryer and then push down to smooth out. Finally you heat them again and file off any excess.

Initially it was a bit of a faff and the first few nails took about ten minutes. However I did get faster and decided to do my nails as well as my toes.

The results.

I am really pleased with my toes. I love the design and then look really professional. I’ve had them on for a week now and they are not budging. I can’t quite say the same for my hands though. One load of washing up and they started to lift so I removed them.

jamberry nail wraps

My verdict on Jamberry nail wraps.

If your into your nails and don’t do a lot of washing up they’d be perfect for you. Myself? I’d probably do them for a wedding or special occasion not a regular thing as I can’t find the time to spend on them.

jamberry nail wraps

I was sent the nail wraps in exchange for my honest review. For further information please read my advertising and disclosure policy.

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  2. Gosh, I wish my feet looked like yours – think I need to get booked in for a pedicure – and pronto! I love the idea of nail wraps but like you, I think it’d probably work better on my feet rather than my hands. Haven’t tried them before so I’d like to give them a go – the design you chose is lovely too. #SnappedUp

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