The perfect summer nails

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Summer is the time when I allow myself to have nails. As I’ve said before being a food teacher means I can’t wear polish when I’m working and most often my nails are very short from all the hard work they go through. So when the holidays arrive all I want is to get the perfect summer nails.perfect summer nails

What would my perfect summer nails be?

My perfect summer nails can be summed up by this great picture of the Maldives. Not only is this where I’d like to be in the holidays. Here’s hoping but also this inspired what my perfect summer nails would be like.perfect summer nails


Not being a great nail artist, when given the choice I’d go to the nail bar to get them done. There is something fabulous about taking a short amount of time out for something that is just for me.

In the summer, I like my nails to be slightly longer than I have at work, but not so long that I can’t function. I love to get gels in the summer as they stand up better to the efects of the sun, sea and sand. I would have them shaped with gently curved sides. Then painted in a tropical blue with golden sand coloured tips would be fabulous. I might even go the island look and get a palm tree accent nail. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

perfect summer nails

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