Super Wings summer review

We are delighted to be Super Wings brand ambassadors this summer. If you don’t already know Super wings  it’s a new pre-school animation series aimed at children aged 3-5 years. It’s all about problem solving skills and learning about the world. The main character is Jett the Red jet plane, who travels the world delivering packages to children. Jett and the Super Wings team have the unique abilities to transform from planes into amazing heroes who can run, climb, lift, dig and even dive deep under the sea. So you can see why my youngest loves it. super wings

The aims of Super Wings

One of the reasons I like this series is the aims of the cartoon which are to promote;

‘Friendship: The Super Wings count on their friends to help them through their every day problems and help build an awareness of what friendship means to preschoolers.
Education: The story line helps preschoolers develop creative problem solving skills and teaches them perseverance. It also provides an early lesson in cultural diversity with exposure to different traditions, languages and landscapes during their trips to countries around the globe.
High-Energy Action: Each episode is filled with high-energy action whilst delivering a positive “non-violent” storytelling experience.’super wings

Our initial thoughts

When the Super Wings toys arrived both my lads were excited, despite my eldest at eight being technically too old for the cartoon. They both loved setting up the air port, transforming the planes and playing with the remote controlled Jett.super wings

Our Super summer

We have loved been brand ambassadors for Super Wings this summer and the smallest Jett and Donny have been every where with us. They are perfect size to have in my handbag for when the youngest is bored. They’ve loved playing in the garden, going to the woods and even shopping in Aldi. The little planes have even managed to make the boring bits of the summer fun.

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super wingsI am brand ambassador for Super Wings this summer. To find our more please read my advertising and disclosure policy.

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