3 great 5 minute beauty fixes

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If you are anything like me, you will find it hard to carve out any time to spend on yourself. Let alone any time for your beauty regime! Since having kids and hitting my thirties I recognise that any time spent on me and my appearance is precious. Which is why I love things that can be done in five minutes or under but have great effects. Why do I love things that are five minutes and under? This is exactly the amount of time for the kids to realise I’ve disappeared to my bathroom and for the to be banging on the door with apparent urgent questions that need answering. So these are my favourite three great 5 minute beauty fixes.5 minute beauty fixes

Beauty fix number one.

5 minute beauty fixesI love a hair mask! I have the kind of hair that is prone to drying out and looking like a ball of fuzz on the top of my head if not given enough moisture. Especially after the summer, my hair is crying out for some extra love. Which is why I would put this Hair Jazz masque at the top of my 5 minute beauty fixes. 5 minute beauty fixes

Easy to apply and smelling great. This Jazz Hair masque is rich and thick. I can feel my hair sucking all the moisture up as I slather it on. The great this about a hair mask is that if the kids do come knocking on the bathroom door. Wrapping your hair up in a top knot you are able to answer the most urgent questions with some dignity intact.

Beauty fix number two – Painting my toenails!

I really love to paint my toenails. Even in the middle of winter. There is something quite special about doing something so frivolous, that no one might see see them. Once they are encased in thick tights and boots. But I love to waggle my painted nails at myself when I lie in bed.

Finally, painting my toenails is achievable in under five minutes thanks to Nails Inc. Gel effect polish.

It drys like a dream and if your really pushed for time one coat can be enough to give great coverage. I am currently loving Portobello Terrace as it goes so well with the last of my tan. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than getting gels done and a lot less damaging to your nails.

Final 5 minute beauty fix – face mask.

I have loved face masks ever since I was a teenager and have tried them all. From jelly like ones to clay masks and more recently sheet masks. A great one to do with your girls friends or one your own. One plus point I’ve found about having a face mask these days is it’s a great way to scare your kids! Especially the peeling ones!

My two current favourites would be Barefaced Dead sea mud face mask. For total relaxation.

Or if your prefer sheet masks. I like TONYMOLY’s I’m Real sheet masks for great hydration.

Do you have any great 5 minute beauty fixes? I’d love you to share them with me.5 minute beauty fixes

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  1. I haven’t worn nail varnish since I was a teenager but my three year old has recently discovered it and insists on her nails and toenails being painted all the time, I may have to borrow some of her varnish and give it a go 😂

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