How to make your blog a brand

I have changed my mindset on my blog this year. For the previous god know’s how many years. I have regarded my blog as a hobby and a place to showcase my creative work. I dabbled with the odd free printable and got a handful of views per day. However I saw an opportunity to make my blog more than a hobby but perhaps a business. I changed my perspective and I looked to how I could make my blog a brand.

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How to style your brand blog

My first point of call was to look at the colours and fonts I wanted to use. I chose to have two fonts for my blog brand. Using Playlist script and Glacial indifference. I like the way that they play off each other. You can find loads of help sheets on pinterest that show great font combinations.

Then I picked my blog brand palette. I would recommend that you choose no more than five colours and two of them should be black and white. I have four colours in my palette. Black, white, a minty blue colour and a soft pink. I chose the blue as it’s one of my favourites colours but I know it would look cold on it’s on. A good bit of colour theory is to pick a colour from the opposite side of the colour wheel to go well with your chosen colour.

How to build your blog brand

Once you’ve got your fonts and colours chosen. Use them on all your blog work and social media posts. Consistency is important.

Then you can create a logo for your blog brand.
craft with cartwright

I created this one in Canva. Which was super easy to use, I have included both my fonts and my main minty blue for the background. I used the pink on the opposite side of my mug to show off my website address and social media handle. These mugs were created using Brinley Williams website. It’s a great website packed with fab mug designs. Perfect for blog branding or someones special gift.

I planning on using my mug in my upcoming vlogging so I can keep the branding even when I’m to make your blog a brand

I loved it so much as the print quality was great and my images have come out really clearly. That I’ve also created one for my new business as well. Be sure to look out for my drinking from my Vintage Lens Hire mug too!

Blog branding tips

  • Choose two great fonts and stick to them
  • Max of five colours in your pallet
  • Choose complimentary colours or for impact contrasting colours
  • Be consistent – people will know you from your branding
  • Create a logo using Canva
  • You are your brand – show your personality

    Blog branding kit

  • When creating your blog branding kit, it’s important to do your research first.
  • Find a colour wheel and look at the colours you like.
  • Look on pinterest for font, cheat sheets.
  • Create templates for social media and blog posts in Canva. Use your chosen fonts and colours
  • A logo is important.
  • How else could your use your branding? Consider offline. Mugs? T-shirts?

blog brand
I was sent the mugs in exchange for my honest opinion. To find out more you can read my advertising and disclosure policy.

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How to make your blog a brand
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