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Sleep has become a bigger issue as I’ve got older. Now me and my husband seem to talk about sleep a lot more than we did. ‘did you get a good nights sleep?’ ‘I’m so tired today’ etc etc. When I was younger I don’t think I ever thought about sleep. I could go without any or sleep for half a day. It didn’t seem a big deal and I never thought about getting off to sleep. With all these sleep matters now praying on my mind I was pleased when I was asked to review the ResMed S+ sleep monitor.resmed

What is the ResMed S+ sleep monitor?

Unlike a lot of sleep monitors that I see my friend tap tapping on, on their wrists this is a contact less monitor. Which is a plus as I tend to sleep with my arms tucked under me and I couldn’t stand to wear a bracelet to bed.

It can monitor your sleeping patterns from a sensor looking at your breathing patterns. Telling you what stage of sleep you’ve had and for how long. It can also tell you what disturbed your sleep. Whether it was temperature, noise or light disturbance.resmed

How does it work?

It was easy to set up, just plug it in and position it on a bedside table with the sensor ponting at your cheast. This was a bit of a problem for us, as only hubby has a bedside table so he decied to give it the first go. Then you download the app and sync it to the monitor.

It also has some other cool functions as well as the sleep monitor. Such as note function, which is great when you suddenly think of something you need to do the next day. Plus a sound function which helps you regulate your breathing to drift you off to sleep.

Our initial thoughts.

Hubby was quite intrigued to find out a bit more about his sleeping. I on the other hand was excited and then disappointed when I was the light on it. This is a major point of annoyance for me. I cannot stand any source of light at night and hubby has already taped over the glowing light on the phone stand and covers over the alarm clock.resmed

Did we make a discovery?

We didn’t make any big discoveries about our sleep yet. We know that we get disturbed twice a night by our four year old. I didn’t need a monitor to tell us that. I’m hoping to have ago with it now as hubby had the first trial and it can only monitor one person at a time. So I’m planning on fashioning some sort of stack of books next to my side of the bed to perch it on.

I’m also looking forward to trying out the alarm that wakes you within a light sleep stage as often I feel really fuggy when the alarm goes off, so maybe I’m getting up at the wrong portion of sleep.resmed

With thanks to ResMed for providing the sleep monitor for this review. You can ready more in my advertising and disclosure policy.


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  1. i never even knew you could get sleep monitors like this – I’d be interested to give it a go…now my kids have (finally) started to sleep through the night – at 12 & 10 they rarely wake, so it would be interesting to see how restful night a sleep I actually get.

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