How to get ready for Winter driving

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I had open evening at school the other night and coming home at past nine at night. Along what are still unfamiliar roads in the horrible weather. It struck me that I didn’t feel as confident in my car. So I set myself the task of making sure my car is ready for the winter driving and all it brings. winter driving

Autumn has definitely arrived here in Herefordshire. It came with quite a bang. A few days of beautiful colour and then suddenly the chilling rain and wind arrived. Sweeping the leaves to the floor and making the roads slimy.winter driving

Now I’ve written before about our love to walk most places, but as the darker nights draw in. After school clubs and my increase commuting to work means we will inevitably need to drive more.

Previously I had slid off the road, being stuck in floods and had to make a seven mile walk home through snow, so I know from experience that this is an important task to do.

My top tips for preparing your car for winter driving.

Make sure you always keep in your car.

  • A warm coat, coat and gloves.
  • A blanket.
  • Phone charger.
  • Something to eat. I find protein bars are a great one as they are small, last long and don’t melt.
  • A torch, for working in the dark.
  • An umbrella, there is nothing worse than having to fix your car or walk somewhere when you are soaking wet.

Check your car for:

  • The tread on your tyres.  If it is becoming to low Book car tyres online at Point S
  • The oil level.
  • Add anti freeze to your water bottle.
  • Replace perished wiper blades.
  • Battery life
  • That all your lights are working and are clean!
  • Clean the inside of your windscreen to prevent glare in low lying sun.

winter driving

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How to get ready for winter driving
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How to get ready for winter driving
Top tips on what you should carry in your car and what you should check on your car in preparation for Winter driving.
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