Finding the perfect family car

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The time has come when I need to find a new family car. I’m not keen on shopping for cars, which is why I have put it off for so long. However the old girl has done e great service for the past eight years. So it got me thinking what do I want in my next car? I no longer have need for space to carry buggies and bulky car seats as the boys are bigger and I have no plans for any more. So what would make our perfect family car?Finding the perfect family car

What I want in a family car

  • I would love a smaller car that is easier to park
  • In a colour that doesn’t show the dirt
  • With car upholstery that is easy to clean
  • A good stereo
  • Fuel efficient

What my husband wants in a family car

  • A boot big enough to fit the suitcases in when we go on holiday and the garden rubbish in when we go to the tip
  • Alloy wheels and sporty trims
  • Leather interior
  • Comfy seats
  • Sporty with a big engine

What my kids want in a family car

  • T.V screens in the back
  • Enough room to fit guitars and Sports kits in the boot
  • Blacked out windows in the back
  • Drinks and snacks holders.

So it seems that we have some ideas that fit together well and some that are completely opposite. I may just putt that trip off a while longer. I wonder if the old girl will last till the boys leave home? choosing a family car

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