Beginners guide to cross stitch

I came to love cross stitch quite late. It is often a craft introduced to children as it is a quick and easy one to pick up. Yet I only started it when I was in my late twenties. I was looking for something I could work on whilst watching the t.v and wanted something I could make for gifts. Since then I have stitched hundreds of patterns and designed many more. So how did I get started? If your keen to have a go here is my beginners guide to cross stitch.beginners guide to cross stitch

Beginners Guide – Equipment

You may find yourself swamped with equipment choices when browsing Hobby craft or flicking through a cross stitch magazine.

Yet for a real beginner you only need very few basic bits of equipment.


I would recommend that you buy a good brand of floss. Either DMC or Anchor. The colours are stronger and more vibrant and the floss is higher quality which means you will get less knots in it when sewing. I always sew with DMC and my patterns are made with their colours in mind, but your choice will be down to personal preference and the charts you pick.


Choose a cross stitch embroidery needle. It should have a blunt end and the hole size should be the same as the holes in your fabric.


To start cross stitching choose 14 count aida. This fabric has a regular weave and holes which you can clearly see. 14 count means there are 14 holes per inch. Most patterns in magazines use this fabric.


Choose a pair that are small and sharp for cutting the threads off neatly near the fabric.


For beginners choose a chart that uses only full count stitches (whole x’s) and avoid any with back stitch or half stitches. There are a great range of magazines out there full of patterns. But before you spend any money I would recommend you try one of my free patterns to see how you like it. This small heart pattern and this rainbow pattern are great ones to start with.

beginner guide to cross stitch small heart chart

Now you have the basic equipment to get started here’s my video on the beginners guide to cross stitch.

Want a great checklist for getting started with cross stitch with a bonus FREE chart to get you started? Of course you do. Fill in your details and grab yours today.

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Beginners guide to cross stitch.
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Beginners guide to cross stitch.
I have stitched hundreds of patterns and designed many more. So how did I get started? If your keen to have a go here is my beginners guide to cross stitch.
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  1. I used to cross-stitch as a teenager but it was a pre-made pattern package that came with every thing I needed. I believe the last one I made was a unicorn:) #ablogginggoodtime

  2. I used to do those sewing kits for kids cross stitch when I was little and I loved them. I’ve not done any as a grown up but I think it looks really cool. I do knit and crochet but I’ve always fancied cross stitch, I might try and give it a go.


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