December stats and New year goals

It could be easy to look at my December stats and be disappointed and despondent about my blog. But one month in many is nothing to worry about. When I look back over the year I am delighted with my blog. I have moved to self hosted, started making money from my blog and become a much better writer. I also love how my blog is starting to look. Now I can focus on reworking the old stuff. I am full of dreams and New year goals for Craft with Cartwright in 2018.new year goals

December Stats.

Views 2869 these are way down on last month but I can understand why. I haven’t blogged much and with it being the Christmas Holiday I don’t think people are reading so much.

Twitter followers  5522 up 66, I’m really pleased with this as I haven’t been on twitter at all this month bar from my scheduled tweets.

Pinterest followers  1373, up 8. Which is good, I’m still cleaning up boards and sorting it out.

Facebook likes 754  up 9. Still need to get working on posting to my Facebook page more and scheduling posts. This has to include more video (of me) as these are the only posts I get good engagement on.

Instagram followers 1558 up 22. Pleased with this as needless to say I am rubbish at regularly posting to Instagram. Perhaps when I can afford a new phone with better photo quality I will get more regular.

HIBS 100 ranking 317 down 9 places.

Top posts

My apple and cinnamon muffins recipe came in top.

Followed by the Plant Pal review and giveaway

Surprisingly the third most popular post was, 5 great ways to pack some protein with lots of traffic coming from stumbleupon

Guest posting.

I guest posted my Christmas planner inserts on Mademoiselle Women

I also took part in a Christmas bloggers Q and A on Steph’s world

My December goals were:

  • To post once a week. I just about managed this. More posts at the beginning of the month than the end!
  • To enjoy Christmas with the kids I did do this and a well deserved rest was had by all.
  • I will plan some amazing content for 2018. I have done this with every Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts planned for the whole year!

My January Goals are:

  • To stay on top of my planned posts.
  • To focus on my Facebook page increasing the following by 5%
  • Work on creating one video to post on my blog and page.
  • Continue to re-purpose and update old content. Three posts a week.

My New year goals are:

  • Stick to my planning.
  • Focus on paid work for my blog.
  • Grow my social media following on all channels by the end of the year by 20%.

new year goalsWhat are your New year goals? I’d love to know, please share them in the comments.

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December Stats and New year Goals
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December Stats and New year Goals
When I look back over the year I am delighted with my blog. I have moved to self hosted, started making money from my blog and become a much better writer.
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  1. It is great that you are so focused. I don’t actually have any goals for my blog as such. I just plan on continuing writing and hopefully raising awareness and understanding of autism. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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  2. My blogging goals are more modest and mainly around scheduling better and writing posts more consistently. Maybe next year I’ll get on to exciting things like you. Good luck 🙂

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  3. Your stats are good, you’ve got more Pinterest followers than me, I’m desperately trying to be a whizz! I love the way your site looks too, I think it’s perfect for your blog.

    I’m exactly the same with Insta and Facebook, I’m so lax at getting stuff sorted and between Christmas and now I usually have uni deadlines and 4 family birthdays to plan for! I’ve just started writing down my goals and I’m really excited to start achieving them!


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      Thanks so much. Yes, life often gets in the way of my blogging. Writing it down really helps me to focus.

  4. These are some great goals and I’m sure that you achieve them as they all sound really realistic! Good luck with 2018 and thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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