Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

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When my boys were younger it was easy to get them to drink enough. Now they are at school. I struggle to get them to finish a drink. Everywhere I go in the house, I’ll find abandoned cups with half finished drinks. They just get too distracted by life it seems to drink enough. So these are my ways to keep kids hydrated. Plus there’s a great giveaway too!

One of my main issues with the boys not drinking enough is that they often confuse thirst for hunger. You probably know the feeling well, where you seem to be constantly hounded with requests for snacks. So my first solution is to always offer a drink first, before any snack is provided. Often this is enough.

Try a cool cup.

Kids love a novely cup and just the idea of driking from one can lure them into drinking more.

Or a curly straw and they go crazy!

Make water fun.

Try adding slices of lemon or Lime to water to give a subtle flavour. Or get some novelty ice cube trays that the kids will love and add them to their drinks.

Be a role model.

Make good choices about your drinks. Show your children that water or low sugar drinks are great, tasty and healthy choices. It’s hard to get children to do anything if you say one thing but demonstrate another.

Keep kids hydrated at Lunch.

When the boys are at school, it’s out of my control how much they drink, but I know they’ll always finish their juice box in their lunchbox. The youngest is a big fan of both Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Plus these are lower in sugar.

easy ways to keep kids hydrated

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easy ways to keep kids hydrated

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Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated
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Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated
When my boys were younger it was easy to get them to drink enough. Now they are at school. I struggle to get them to finish a drink. Everywhere I go in the house, I'll find abandoned cups with half finished drinks. They just get too distracted by life it seems to drink enough. So these are my ways to keep kids hydrated. Plus there's a great giveaway too!
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  1. Make sipping fun. Let your kids pick out their own drinking cups or travel bottles in their favourite colours or decorated with their favourite characters. Buy a set of crazy straws and invest in ice cube trays that make ice in fun shapes.

  2. I get my toddler to drink plenty by drinking lots infront of him myself and letting him use an open cup!!!

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  3. Our kids have water bottles that they take around with them, we let them choose their own design to make them more likely to want to take it out with them

  4. I let them choose a bottle they like and make sure to temind them to drink. Also just give them water especially on hot days

  5. When my daughter was younger, I used to fill a fruit shoot bottle with water and she thought that she was drinking never-ending fruit shoots. Unfortunately, she caught on but the novelty mug trick still works. #RVHT

  6. Making sure they have a water bottle readily available always and for me my daughter always drinks a lot of water as we try to teach her by example, in that we make sure we drink fluids regularly especially lots of water so she knows how important it is.

  7. Make sure they always have a drink with them. Add a few pieces of their favourite fruit to a bottle with a straw so it’s a bit more exciting than plain water x

  8. I always struggle to get water into my daughter, she makes up for it by drinking in the bath. I know that she drinks loads at nursery, it’s just at home she barely drinks anything. Great tips here, thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  9. My children love a straw, we have recently bought some reusable ones and the kids love them. It’s definitely encouraging them to drink more πŸ™‚

  10. My grandchildren love water, I bought them all personalised water bottles which they love filling themselves

  11. I’m at my wits end with my boy to be honest, cannot get him to drink enough! Only thing that’s worked so far is having a bottle of water left on every surface in the house for him to grab as he rockets past…

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  12. Ice lollies is great in the Summer months
    But all year round I make sure we have plenty water or juice wherever we go! I know how important it is to keep the little ones hydrated πŸ™‚

  13. Schools make a difference. When I was at primary school we were limited to one small glass of water a day, nowadays they seem to encourage drinking well

  14. They each picked a re-usable bottle of there choice which they always have to hand and they follow by example

  15. Give them a bottle of water to keep with them or if they are younger give them a fancy bottle/beaker. Let them choose it themselves

  16. I try to drink more to encourage my boy so I have a glass or bottle near me. I always have a cup filled with water for my son and we take drinks together.

  17. My son has kidney problems so hydration is very important to him, I think children who are able to take water when they are younger take it a lot easier as they become older, encouraging them to drink often and helping them to understand when they are thirsty also help

  18. I need to offer my daughter something to drink many times a day as she only drinks a few snips at once – so my tip is: do not wait until they ask for something to drink (as they are sooo busy all the time πŸ™‚

  19. Character cups seem to work with my son, he has a Disney planes cup with floating clouds and glitter and it goes everywhere with him.

  20. Always have drinks to hand.
    Make drinks fun. Use icecubes , make it into a slush, frozen lollies. Any way to make drinks a little different

  21. we’re currently giving the infusion bottles a go, where you put fresh fruit into the middle compartment of the water bottle and it infuses into it. my children really like strawberries and oranges at the moment. its working great, no added sugar and I even let them decorate their own bottles.

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