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I love Tea. I really can’t stress it enough how much my life is dependant on Tea. The papers say that the UK is a country of Coffee drinkers, but that really isn’t the case in our family. My family and hubbies was forged on tea and a family occasion just wouldn’t be right without it. Which is why I was so happy when asked to review the  Global Gourmet Water Urn.

Global Gourmet Water Urn

You may question why on earth would I require a water urn? Most people can survive with a kettle and would never require something of catering standard. Hubby was of this opinion too, when I told him it was being delivered. But he has since eaten his words. It’s not massive and makes enough hot water for 35 cups of tea. Plus at £39.99 it’s not as expensive as I thought it might be.

Considering when just hubbies immediately family come over there is 14 of us, you can see the attraction of not having to boil the kettle four times to make everyone a brew.

Plus we are quite relaxed with our entertaining. We have the family over a lot and they all know where the tea making stuff is. Even better when we can just leave it out on the side and people can just help themselves.

One word of warning though. Please make sure that you treat it like a kettle and keep it out of the reach of little ones. It could be very easy for them, if in reach to have hot water come straight out on them.

So, it’s not something we will use every day, but family occasions, birthdays and Christmas we will be a happy bunch of tea drinkers. Knowing everyone can have a brew at the same time.

Global Gourmet Water Urn

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  1. This looks fab Ruth! I’m planning on having a few garden parties when the weather warms up and I can get outside. Tell me – how long does the urn keep water hot for? – Lauretta #SnappedUp

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