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I love to go on holiday but as I’ve got older the shine and appeal of flying has worn off. Let’s face it, unless you are flying first class. The plane is cramped and smelly. The food is rubbish and by the time to arrive at your destination you feel worn out and dehydrated. To tackle all of these problems and bring back the fun in to flying. I’ve compiled my list of In flight bag essentials that you won’t bear to be without. You’ll have a whale of a time on your flight and step of the plane feeling glamorous and refreshed.

Before you board.

Have a great bag to store all your bits in. I am currently in love with my new bag from Marks and Spencer. Who doesn’t love a bit of gold on holiday.

The queuing and the procedures are a pain at the airport, so to make things go as quickly as possible have these things to hand.

If you are planning on carrying liquids, they need to be more more than a 100ml and in total no more than 1 litre. You should carry them in a clear bag so that they can be easily identified in your hand luggage. Grab a Clear Zip Lock for £4.15 and then you know your liquids won’t leak and ruin everything else in your in flight bag.

Personalise your passport and make sure you can always spot your luggage with this beautiful Passport cover £7.99 and Luggage tag £7.99 from Miss Pretty London.

Keep your travel money and cards secure and easy to hand in a beautiful Wallet £15.32

Getting some rest

Once your on the plane it’s the perfect time to get some shut eye or at least some downtime. Unwind with these in flight bag essentials for relaxation.

I always find the planes cold, so even if I’m wearing sandals I like to take them off and slip on a pair of Cashmere socks £29.00 for ultimate comfort and toasty toes.

If the kids allow I love to get some shut eye. Avoiding the bobby head and a stiff neck I’ve opted for this great Mermaid Travel Pillow by bNifty £19.99. Let’s see how long I can keep the kids hands off it.

I have no trouble sleeping in the daylight given the chance. But if you can’t rest when the sun is shining, grab an Eye Mask £4.99 for forty winks.

In flight Entertainment

To buzzed to sleep, keep yourself entertained with these great additions to your bag.

I love to read on holiday, but after years of lugging paperbacks around I have relented and picked up a Kindle £229.99 for my huge stack of trashy holiday books.

Hubby on the other hand loves to relax with music. Drown out the other passangers and give your ears some comfort with theses Head phones £19.58.

I’ve long hated in flight food and now find it even harder to eat on planes, being a vegetarian coeliac. So I always take a great supply of Gluten Free Snacks £14.50

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Before you arrive

Recharge your skin with a super hydrating moisturiser £53.30 to combat the drying air on the plane. 

No matter how much water I drink on the plane my lips are always cracked, so I tackle them with Lip Balm £2.65.

I never used to have a problem with irritated eyes but recently I’ve suffered with sore eyes from the pollen, so I’m packing eye drops just in case.

Whatever your holiday hair problems. (Mines the humindity) these Hair care products from the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range will sooth your locks.

Featured: Glam shine  Big It Up  Curly locks Total Treat 

Don’t forget any liquids you carry have to be below 100ml and no more than 10 of them.

Whether you have kids or not, Wet wipes £4.09, are a great way to clean and freshen up after a long flight. These are gentle on your skin and full biodegradable.

My final in flight bag essential are these Personalised Flip flops £17.50. Step off the plan in comfort without having to worry about swollen feet. Plus with the personalisation, no one will dare to pinch them from the pool side.

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In Flight Bag Essentials
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In Flight Bag Essentials
I've compiled my list of In flight bag essentials that you won't bear to be without. Step of the plane feeling glamorous and refreshed.
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  1. Pinned to my travel board! There are some great tips here and I love that mermaid pillow! I hate sleeping on flights it’s so uncomfortable…
    Thanks for linking to #CoolMumClub x

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