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I love the beach and I like to feel my best when I am on the beach. For me it has nothing to do with what size I am but from the feeling I get when I am beach beauty ready. These are my top picks for getting ready and staying beautiful whilst at the beach.

Before you travel

I love to have smooth legs on holiday and given the choice I will pick using an Epilator £96.00 or waxing my legs at home for longer lasting results.

If I find I’ve missed spots or I’m away for longer than a week I’ll take a razor with me. The Nair Clean and shave and the post hair removal balm help keep my legs smooth and free from ingrowing hairs.

Once I’m all smoothed out I love to use fake tan. It’s gets me in the mood for the holiday and helps me not look like a ghost when I first step out on the beach.

When your travelling

When I’m flying I can find it very stressful with two children in tow. Make sure you start the holiday in the right frame of mind and continue to be blissed out on the beach with these Aromatherapy balms. Perfect size to slip into your In flight bag.

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Long flights can leave you feeling pretty grubby and not so sweet scented. A packet of these femfresh wipes £3.49 can make you feel ready to slip on your bikini and hit the beach as soon as you step off the plane.

Skin care

Take no chances with your skin and make sure you wear a good suncream £11.15 to keep your skin protected. There is nothing worse than agespots, sunburn and early wrinkles.

Once you’ve left the beach make sure your skin is replenished with a moisturising aftersun £4.00

Hair Care

My hair often suffers in the summer. The humidity and the glare of the sun can cause it to puff up and become like straw. Pop on a hat when your not in the water. When you can’t wear your hat protect your hair and scalp with sunshine protector. £4.12

These are only a recent discovery, but I love these popbands. They stop my hair from breaking as I tend to always put it put at the same height and they don’t snag when I pull them out after a swim. £2.69

It’s tempting to wash your hair everyday when your on holiday. But we all know it really doesn’t do it any favours, stripping essentials oils from it. Give your hair a break and freshing it up between washes with dry shampoo from Batiste. The cherry one is heavenly.


Your Look

Keep it simple when your on holiday. Nothing is worse than watching your face slide off in the heat.

Get a great smile with Arm and Hammer Simple Natural toothpaste £3.00

With your smile brightening your face, finish off the simple beach beauty ready look with waterproof eyeliner £2.99

Plus a slick of waterproof mascara £6.18

What would you pack to be beach beauty ready?

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