How To Choose Swimwear

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In collaboration with Simply Beach.

Summer is upon us and many of us are counting down the days till the kids leave school and we can head off on our holidays. I for one love a beach holiday and can’t wait to get into my swimsuit. But I know some of my friends dread it. These are my tips for how to choose swimwear that will make to feel great.

Choose the right fit

It is tempting just to stick to the size you always buy, the size you think you are. But with swimwear you want something that will fit by just skimming over your skin. Not adding extra lumps and bumps to your shape. So try not to get hung up on numbers and buy something that fits you really well.

Choosing a Style

There are so many great styles of swimwear to choose from these days. When I was asked to pick some out from Simply Beach for this article I had a difficult choice. I do love a bikini, but sometimes with clingy kids in the pool it’s not such a great choice. So I opted for a variety of different style swimsuits. I love this cut away swimsuit which gives the look of a bikini but with a little added security.

Experiment with different styles of bikini and swimsuits to find the one that makes you feel most fabulous.

Varying necklines can make all the difference depending on your bust. Look at the shapes they create on you.


Being in swimwear is the most publicity exposed most of us get and it can be hard to feel comfortable if your used to wearing more to gain confidence. Rock your swimwear with great accessories. Wear some heels to elongate your legs and lift your butt. I love an 2 inch block heel in the summer. Grab some shades and a great sun hat.

If you want a little extra cover, why not try a loose top while your lounging by the pool. I really like this lazer cut detail of this one. Or wrap a sarong around your waist and knot at the side if your not keen on getting your thighs out all of the time.

A little more boho is this pretty top I also picked out from simply beach, the floral pattern will look great slung over the darker blue swimsuit.


This for me is the biggest way to look great in your swimwear. I may not have the body I did before I had kids but I have the confidence to rock it in my bikini. I know with a great pair of heels and the right fit swimsuit I can feel a million dollars. That shines through and everyone else sees that confidence, not your mum tum or anything else you might care to criticise about yourself. Feel fabulous from within and enjoy your summer.

How to Choose Swimwear
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How to Choose Swimwear
I for one love a beach holiday and can't wait to get into my swimsuit. These are my tips for how to choose swimwear that will make to feel great.
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