7 quick ways to change your look

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The new year can be a great place to rejuvenate your look. Looking forward to the summer and throwing off the layers of jumpers and coats. Yet January is also a time of tighten purse strings and lack of motivation as the days are short. So I’ve come up with seven quick ways to change your look, that are inexpensive and easy to achieve.

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Grown up Advent Calendar round up

Inventive advent calendar ideas have exploded across the shops, this year. With everyone trying to get in on the act with quirky, unusual and luxury calendars being all the rage. Long gone are the days when all you got when you opened the door was a picture and a naff cheapo chocolate. Advent calendars are no long just for kids either. Great beauty, food and other amazing treats await both young and old over this festive period. Check out my round up of the top advent calendars for everyone this year.header advent calendars Continue reading “Grown up Advent Calendar round up”

Five Autumn beauty must haves

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With the onset of Autumn, my skin feels like it has had a battering. Too much sun over the summer in combination with the heating coming on has left me feeling like a dried up leaf. So before you hide yourself under a cosy jumper and 100 denier tights for hibernation. Why not try out my five Autumn Beauty must haves.autumn beauty must haves (1)

Flip flop feet?

autumn beauty must havesI know my feet don’t look their best after a summer wearing flip flops. Especially my heels which are a far cry from baby soft at the moment. So why not get them back to beautiful, whilst slipping on your boots? These beautyfeet socks, seem totally bonkers and I must admit feel a bit weird when you first slip them on. However I’ve worn them about seven times now and my heels feel amazing.

Starting to look like Rudolf?

autumn beauty must havesAs soon as the seasons change I end up getting a cold. Blowing my nose all the time and the effect of going from hot houses to the cold outside wreaks my skin and leaves me with red patches. I have also noticed little spider veins that I am not happy about. So it’s time to tackle my skin and get it looking healthy again with the help of Couperose and Thread veins balm.

Super dry skin?

The moisture seems to have left my skin. So I need to get back into the routine of moisturising every day. Rather than just hiding my legs away in tights and boots and forgetting about them. It’s hard to resist the beautiful smell of this Rose geranium moisturiser by No frills. So it might not be such a hard job after all. autumn beauty must haves

Get some Beauty sleep.

Struggling to get a good nights sleep? I know I can’t sleep unless the room is completely dark. Hubby has a tendency to bring the phone up to bed. So this eye mask is a must have. Plus if you need to have a quick cat nap in the day it won’t smudge your eye make up.autumn beauty must must haves



Final Autumn Beauty Must have

There is a temptation to stay indoors once the weather turns colder but you shouldn’t. My final Autumn Beauty must have is get some fresh air. With the wind in your hair and lungs full of clean crisp air you’ll have the ruddy complexion of a beautiful farmers daughter. Take my word for it you’ll be re-energised. autumn beauty must haves

What are your beauty recommendations for the colder months?

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3 great 5 minute beauty fixes

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If you are anything like me, you will find it hard to carve out any time to spend on yourself. Let alone any time for your beauty regime! Since having kids and hitting my thirties I recognise that any time spent on me and my appearance is precious. Which is why I love things that can be done in five minutes or under but have great effects. Why do I love things that are five minutes and under? This is exactly the amount of time for the kids to realise I’ve disappeared to my bathroom and for the to be banging on the door with apparent urgent questions that need answering. So these are my favourite three great 5 minute beauty fixes.5 minute beauty fixes

Beauty fix number one.

5 minute beauty fixesI love a hair mask! I have the kind of hair that is prone to drying out and looking like a ball of fuzz on the top of my head if not given enough moisture. Especially after the summer, my hair is crying out for some extra love. Which is why I would put this Hair Jazz masque at the top of my 5 minute beauty fixes. 5 minute beauty fixes

Easy to apply and smelling great. This Jazz Hair masque is rich and thick. I can feel my hair sucking all the moisture up as I slather it on. The great this about a hair mask is that if the kids do come knocking on the bathroom door. Wrapping your hair up in a top knot you are able to answer the most urgent questions with some dignity intact.

Beauty fix number two – Painting my toenails!

I really love to paint my toenails. Even in the middle of winter. There is something quite special about doing something so frivolous, that no one might see see them. Once they are encased in thick tights and boots. But I love to waggle my painted nails at myself when I lie in bed.

Finally, painting my toenails is achievable in under five minutes thanks to Nails Inc. Gel effect polish.

It drys like a dream and if your really pushed for time one coat can be enough to give great coverage. I am currently loving Portobello Terrace as it goes so well with the last of my tan. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than getting gels done and a lot less damaging to your nails.

Final 5 minute beauty fix – face mask.

I have loved face masks ever since I was a teenager and have tried them all. From jelly like ones to clay masks and more recently sheet masks. A great one to do with your girls friends or one your own. One plus point I’ve found about having a face mask these days is it’s a great way to scare your kids! Especially the peeling ones!

My two current favourites would be Barefaced Dead sea mud face mask. For total relaxation.

Or if your prefer sheet masks. I like TONYMOLY’s I’m Real sheet masks for great hydration.

Do you have any great 5 minute beauty fixes? I’d love you to share them with me.5 minute beauty fixes

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MUA lipstick review

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Often Lipstick appears in many women’s must have lists for makeup. However, until recently it didn’t come high in my makeup priorities. Mascara would be my go to item of choice, then followed by lip balm. It wasn’t until I hit my thirties and suddenly I felt the need for a little more make up. Then I got to love the power of a good lipstick. Which is why I was happy to do this MUA lipstick review. MUA lipstick review

Power of a good lipstick

I love how lipstick can change the look and mood of your whole being. I love a great red for nights out and a bit of drama. Mocha colours for the winter months to warm up my skin tone and Nudes for the summer.

MUA lipstick review

MUA lipstick review.

My thoughts on this MUA lipstick shade 14 bare. It goes on really well and gives great coverage. It didn’t dry out my lips which I find some lipsticks do, it also didn’t have a strong smell which I can find off putting on lipsticks. The only downside was the shade, which at the moment doesn’t go with my tan. I will definitely be rocking this lipstick by the time Autumn rolls around and my tan has faded.

MUA lipstick review




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Conditioning body scrub review

After a summer of some sun and a bucket load of fake tan my skin is looking a bit worse for wear and could do with a treat. I love to find something that fits easily into my already pushed for time beauty routine. Malee’s conditioning body scrub turned out to be ideal for this.body scrub

I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and this body scrub is just gorgeous. The beautiful white and marbled green box and pot make it something you’d be happy to have on the side in your bathroom. (If my hubby let me!)

When it arrived I’d barely taken off the outer film before I could already smell the gorgeous scent of citrus and mint. It transported me to a luxury spa, if only in my mind. This is very much a treat product making even the most hurried of showers in the morning a delight.body scrub

It is a great body scrub, you can see by the texture of it. You can see the salt and sugar grains in it. Not disappointing like some body scrubs I’ve used that feel like they have a few grans of sand in. It left my skin soft and looking nourished.

Would I recommend this body scrub?

You can see why they they got highly commended in the 2016 beauty awards. This is a great indulgent product, ideal for a bit of me time. It’s definitely going on my list of things to buy for the ladies in my life this Christmas. As I don’t know a woman who would turn their nose up. Who could resist the sweet scent and soft skin this conditioning body scrub will give them?body scrub

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The perfect summer nails

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Summer is the time when I allow myself to have nails. As I’ve said before being a food teacher means I can’t wear polish when I’m working and most often my nails are very short from all the hard work they go through. So when the holidays arrive all I want is to get the perfect summer nails.perfect summer nails

What would my perfect summer nails be?

My perfect summer nails can be summed up by this great picture of the Maldives. Not only is this where I’d like to be in the holidays. Here’s hoping but also this inspired what my perfect summer nails would be like.perfect summer nails


Not being a great nail artist, when given the choice I’d go to the nail bar to get them done. There is something fabulous about taking a short amount of time out for something that is just for me.

In the summer, I like my nails to be slightly longer than I have at work, but not so long that I can’t function. I love to get gels in the summer as they stand up better to the efects of the sun, sea and sand. I would have them shaped with gently curved sides. Then painted in a tropical blue with golden sand coloured tips would be fabulous. I might even go the island look and get a palm tree accent nail. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

perfect summer nails

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Jamberry nail wraps review

As a Food teacher I often have the most terrible nails. With all the washing up and hand washing my nails take a battering. So I only really get nice nails in the summer holidays. Instead I often paint my toenails and flash them around in sparkly shoes. Which is why me and my toes were delighted to test out Jamberry nail wraps.jamberry nail wraps

I have only ever had my nails professionally done once and that was for my wedding. Partly it’s the price but also the time it takes. Having the chance of having nails that look professional that I can do at home sounded great.

I have often looked admiringly at other peoples nail art and hats off to anyone who can actually do their own nails so creatively. Sometimes it’s a struggle for me to get a decent coat on my nails before the kids need something and at least one of them has got smudged.

No smudges with Jamberry nail wraps, as they are made of foil and applied in a completely different manner.

You have to prepare your nails first by pushing back the cuticles and making sure they are absolutely clean with alcohol wipes.jamberry nail wraps

Then you cut the foils, choosing the size most suitable for each nail. Heat briefly with a hairdryer and then push down to smooth out. Finally you heat them again and file off any excess.

Initially it was a bit of a faff and the first few nails took about ten minutes. However I did get faster and decided to do my nails as well as my toes.

The results.

I am really pleased with my toes. I love the design and then look really professional. I’ve had them on for a week now and they are not budging. I can’t quite say the same for my hands though. One load of washing up and they started to lift so I removed them.jamberry nail wraps

My verdict on Jamberry nail wraps.

If your into your nails and don’t do a lot of washing up they’d be perfect for you. Myself? I’d probably do them for a wedding or special occasion not a regular thing as I can’t find the time to spend on them.

jamberry nail wraps

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