January blogging stats and February goals

I hate January and this one has been no exception. Cold, wet and miserable I finally gave in to the cold I’d avoided over Christmas. I just feel like hibernating. So whilst hiding under a duvet it’s been perfect to get on with January blogging. The month was slow to start but it picked up nearer the end and my stats has started to improve again. Plus I’ve had paid work and I can see how I’m slowly chipping away at my year long goals.

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A guide to passive income

Don’t be fooled into thinking passive income means making money from do nothing. I can’t think of anyway of making money from doing absolutely nothing. However passive income can be a way of making money from doing things you already do. Or with a little input at the start, the potential is that you can make money for ever after from it. Confused? I’ll hopefully break it down for you and give you a range of things you could do.
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December stats and New year goals

It could be easy to look at my December stats and be disappointed and despondent about my blog. But one month in many is nothing to worry about. When I look back over the year I am delighted with my blog. I have moved to self hosted, started making money from my blog and become a much better writer. I also love how my blog is starting to look. Now I can focus on reworking the old stuff. I am full of dreams and New year goals for Craft with Cartwright in 2018.new year goals Continue reading “December stats and New year goals”

Bloggers Christmas gift guide

All I want for Christmas is… some nice blogging props and stationary! I kids you not if hubby takes a glance at my blog I would be happy if he chose any of these beautiful items to pop under the Christmas tree. I’m sure that many of my blogging pals would love these too. So take a read of my bloggers Christmas Gift guide and get something for the blogger in your life. Or buy it yourself and put it down as a business expense! bloggers christmas gift guide flat lay Continue reading “Bloggers Christmas gift guide”

October blog stats and November goals

Time is speeding up as we head towards December. I feel it has definitely picked up pace since going back to school. I am pleased with how well we have all adapted to the new routine. The blogging has slowed down a little in pace but I hope to continue to get the balance right between teaching, childcare and blogging. So lets see if my October blog stats reflect this new change.

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How to make your blog a brand

I have changed my mindset on my blog this year. For the previous god know’s how many years. I have regarded my blog as a hobby and a place to showcase my creative work. I dabbled with the odd free printable and got a handful of views per day. However I saw an opportunity to make my blog more than a hobby but perhaps a business. I changed my perspective and I looked to how I could make my blog a brand.

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13 ways to promote your blog giveaway

Running a giveaway on your blog is undoubtedly a great way to get traffic. Some of my most popular posts have been giveaways. I try now to run at least two a month and it means I get regular returning visits of people checking out my latest giveaways. However it isn’t as easy as setting up your rafflecopter widget, plonking it on your blog and hoping people will organically find it. It takes a lot of promotion. I don’t like to unnecessarily spend money on my blog if it can be avoided. So I’ve complied my 13 ways to promote your blog giveaway for free here.13 ways to promote blog giveaway Continue reading “13 ways to promote your blog giveaway”