How I Organise my Blogging Time

Post contains affiliate links. In an ideal scenario I would have all the time in the world to work on my blog. This would be a dream and I have recently seen other bloggers that have taken the leap to work on their blogs full time. At the moment I don’t make enough money from my blog to justify giving …


Must Have Blogging Accessories

In collaboration with Old English Co. Over the years I have collected bits and pieces that I use for my everyday blogging and photography. Some things were bought on a whim and somethings I have learned to never be apart from. Now the new financial year have arrived it’s time to think about what I need to update or replace …


March blogging stats and April goals

March has been super busy, not only on the blog, but also guest posting. Plus it’s been a short half term at school add in another snow day and I feel rushed off my feet. So how did I do with these March blogging stats.


February Blogging stats and March goals

I know this is a really blogging orientated post and many or my readers are not interested. If you are not a blogger feel free to scroll on by. However I do know lots of blogger love to have a nose on how other bloggers are doing. So here are my February Blogging stats


January blogging stats and February goals

I hate January and this one has been no exception. Cold, wet and miserable I finally gave in to the cold I’d avoided over Christmas. I just feel like hibernating. So whilst hiding under a duvet it’s been perfect to get on with January blogging. The month was slow to start but it picked up nearer the end and my …


How to be a more organised blogger

  If you ever want to make your blog a success. In whatever terms that means to you. Whether it is money or recognition. You need to be organised. No one makes it with a haphazard attitude. So one of my goals is to be a more organised blogger this year.


A guide to passive income

Don’t be fooled into thinking passive income means making money from do nothing. I can’t think of anyway of making money from doing absolutely nothing. However passive income can be a way of making money from doing things you already do. Or with a little input at the start, the potential is that you can make money for ever after …


why I started blogging

There is for every blogger, the moment when they first decided to start writing. For many these days they are motivated by the idea of making an income from it. I have no problems with this and these days I do make some money from my blog. However this isn’t why I started blogging.


December stats and New year goals

It could be easy to look at my December stats and be disappointed and despondent about my blog. But one month in many is nothing to worry about. When I look back over the year I am delighted with my blog. I have moved to self hosted, started making money from my blog and become a much better writer. I …

November stats and December Goals

I feel like I’ve been working real hard on the blog this month. Lots of time has been spent on my gift guides, photographing and styling them. However I’m a bit disappointed with my November stats. Have a read and see what you think. I love to know your thoughts and any advice would be gratefully received.