13 ways to promote your blog giveaway

Running a giveaway on your blog is undoubtedly a great way to get traffic. Some of my most popular posts have been giveaways. I try now to run at least two a month and it means I get regular returning visits of people checking out my latest giveaways. However it isn’t as easy as setting up your rafflecopter widget, plonking it on your blog and hoping people will organically find it. It takes a lot of promotion. I don’t like to unnecessarily spend money on my blog if it can be avoided. So I’ve complied my 13 ways to promote your blog giveaway for free here.13 ways to promote blog giveaway


I use social oomph to promote my blog giveaway, I tend to use the hashtags #win #competition #prize and #giveaway. Scheduling the tweet once every eight hours for the duration of the giveaway. I also use #winitwednesday and #freebiefriday when I can remember!


I don’t always use Instagram to promote my giveaways. However if it is something that with photograph really well then I will. I will only post it once. These are the most popular hashtags for giveaways I’ve found

  • #competition
  • #giveaway
  • #giveawaycontest
  • # giveaways
  • #win
  • #freebies
  • # freebiesfriday
  • #freebie
  • #instawin
  • #instagiveaway
  • #prize

Then I would also tag with relevant descriptions of the prize and the usual #lifestyleblogger tags I use.


You can join some groups to promote your giveaways.

My favourites are

Blog Competitions and Giveaways where you add your giveaway to the relevant closing date post.

Mummy and Daddy bloggers. You just add your link to the pinned competitions and giveaways thread.






Life in a breakdown

Other sites to promote a blog giveaway

Bloggers required – in the giveaways section you can post one for free

Pick a blogger also lets you post your giveaway for free

The prize finder

Money saving expert – you can’t upload your own giveaways, but if you can get someone else to do it for you you. It sends lots of traffic. I often find this is the best referral site.13 ways to promote blog giveaway

Do you have any other great free tips to promote your blog giveaway? Share them and I’ll add them to my list.

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September blog stats and October goals.

Well I’ve survived the first month of going back to teaching. The kids have coped remarkably well as well. So it’s time to see how my blog stats have fared. Have I maintained my good work or has it all gone downhill? september blog stats

September Blog Stats.

Views 6289 down 2419

I don’t know how reliable this figure is as I had to use my WordPress stats rather than Google analytics this month as my new plugin super cache stopped analytics from working.

Twitter followers 4936 up 601

Super pleased with this!

Pinterest followers  1359 up 112

Not sure why this is growing, but I’m pleased.

Facebook likes 519 up 85

Working on tailoring my posts better for Facebook this month.

Instagram followers 1407 up 61

The lovely photos from Spain no doubt attracted some new followers.

HIBS 100 ranking 313 up 11 places Yay!
TOTS 100 ranking 891 down 87 places Boo!

Top posts

Creative corner – No Frills cosmetics

Songmics Ottoman review and Giveaway

Interview in Creative corner, Plus giveaway



Vremi kettle and ice trays,  weekend box and Chika’s snacks,


Party bags and supplies

Inspired wallpaper

Limited edition Chocolate Baa pin badge

Vremi Kettle and ice trays

Guest posting.

Back to school guide for Trutex

DIY Clothes for Uniball

My September goals were:

  • To regularly post three times a week and stick to my rough plan of recipe posts Monday, Creative corner Interviews Wednesday, Review Posts Friday. This way I can hopefully manage it when I go back to teaching in September!
  •  I have kept up with creative corner and that has stayed regular. As for my other posting it’s been a bit hit and miss and I need to get more organised on this.
  • To post on Instagram more regularly and again stick to a plan of every other day. 
  • I did quite well on this and hope to continue to do this in October as I’m hoping to take part in inktober this year.
  • Look into sorting out optin’s for my blog.
  • I have signed up to Mailchimp and set up a sign up form. I also made my first opt in for a free alphabet chart on my cross stitch patterns pages. As of yet I haven’t had anyone grab the freebie.
  • Continue to SEO old posts, not very glamorous but needs doing.
  • Still a work in progress

My October goals are

  • Join in some more Linkies to up my page views.
  • Stick to posting three times a week
  • Take part in Inkober and post to Instagram every day

blog stats

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August stats and September goals

Wow, where did August go? After the slow drag of the first week of the summer holidays. Suddenly we hit our groove go into relaxing and now it’s back to school! I can’t believe it. It’s all change her at Craft with Cartwright as I will be trying to run this, teach, be a mum and wife and to top it all off, we’ve just embarked on our newest challenge of restoring a vintage Bailey caravan to hire out as a wedding photo booth. Lets see how the August stats went down. August stats

August Stats.

Views 8708. I am really pleased with this considering it’s been the holidays and I’ve only worked on my blog for two hours a day max. Again I have run a fair few giveaways so this is the main part of my traffic.

Twitter followers 4335  up 263 this month. Not such good growth as last month, but I’m still really pleased it’s in the upwards direction.

Pinterest followers 1247 up 100 This is great since this still remains my least worked at platform. I am slowly getting better at my descriptions and the pics that I choose to pin, so this is obviously having a positive impact.

Facebook likes 434 up 65 Facebook is picking up for me and I am actively spending more time in blogging facebook groups.

Instagram followers 1346 up 165 so very pleased with this. I have been absolutely rubbish at posting this month.

HIBS 100 ranking 324 down 56
TOTS 100 ranking 804 down 294 I didn’t expect to see an improvement with the summer holidays but this is shocking 🙁

Top posts

Unsurprisingly my top three posts were ones that included a giveaway
Songomics ottoman giveaway

Superwings airport giveaway

Handmade wedding gift giveaway


Grace foods, Men’s society, Dandelion Interiors, Songmics, Specspost, Jamberry and Lapasa
I also continued my work as brand ambassador for Breakfast by Bella, YippieYo and Superwings.


I have run three giveaways this month, they really do generate alot of traffic but I have been working hard on the promotion of them as well.

Guest posting.


What Are Some Great Children’s Activities For Summer?

Why Does Handwriting Have a Positive Effect on the Brain?

My August goals were:


  • To try and maintain my following on all social media I’ve achieved this and made some good progress in growing my following
  • To blog once a week I did much better than this posting roughly every other day.

My September goals are

  • To regularly post three times a week and stick to my rough plan of recipe posts Monday, Creative corner Interviews Wednesday, Review Posts Friday. This way I can hopefully manage it when I go back to teaching in September!
  • To post on Instagram more regularly and again stick to a plan of every other day.
  • Look into sorting out optin’s for my blog
  • Continue to SEO old posts, not very glamorous but needs doing.

August stats


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July blog stats and August goals

Well July was a mixed month for me. Not only was the weather glorious and I didn’t want to blog but shocking and all I could do was blog. But halfway through the kids broke up from school so it’s been a lot to juggle the latter half of July. With all that said I am really pleased with this months stats.july blog stats


Views 8157. I am so pleased with this after the drop of in July. Back up and I must admit this is probably all thanks to running giveaways again.

Twitter followers 4099 up 306 this month. I’m really pleased with this and can see it’s directly resulted from my giveaway’s I’ve been running. It’ll be interesting to see if the followers stay or drop off after the giveaway has finished.

Pinterest followers 1148 up 80 I didn’t see much pick up from Tailwind and haven’t signed up after my free trail. What I have been doing it writing better descriptions to my pins and this is having a better impact. Pinterest is not a big generator of traffic at the moment so I’m happy to let it tick over.

Facebook likes 369 up 59 Facebook is picking up for me and I’m getting better engagement than I previously did. Positive signs 🙂

Instagram followers 1181 up 115 Really pleased with this. Considering I have been rubbish at posting. However I’m getting better with my hashtags.

HIBS 100 ranking 268 down 24
TOTS 100 ranking 510 – disappointing to drop out of top 500. Can’t see this improving with the summer holidays.

Top posts

Unsurprisingly two of my top three posts were ones that included a giveaway
Superwings playset giveaway
Win handmade wedding gift
Glamping essentials


cocobelle, Indigo herbs, Epibrow, Sensse, Hunkemoller, Vintage apple crates, Trutex, Cherry active.
I also continued my work as brand ambassador for Breakfast by Bella and Superwings.


I have run three giveaways this month, one of my own and two collaboratively. They really do generate alot of traffic but I have been working hard on the promotion of them as well.

Guest posting.

I was featured in other Uniball blog post this month. This time on Handwriting and the brain.

I was also featured on The Early Hours in their Truth about Motherhood series.

My July Goals were

  • Increase Instagram followers to 1200. I didn’t achieve this but I’m well on the way
  • Take new photographs for some of my old posts. I did this for one post – my chocolate chip loaf recipe
  • Run at least one giveaway. I ran three this month in the end
  • Blog twice a week. I did way more than this, posting nearly every day.

My August goals are:

  • To try and maintain my following on all social media
  • To blog once a week
I’m only setting these two goals as I’m on school holiday mode now and will be devoting my time to playing with my kids.
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How to not let blogging take over your life*

Contains sponsored link*

Since I’ve started blogging I have found myself spending less time with my hubby. He might think this is great for all I know. But when I’m upstairs working away on my P.C. blogging. I miss him. I have to work at night as this is mainly the time I get when the kids have gone to sleep.

How to not let blogging take over your life*

What I have been trying to figure out is how to not let the blogging take over my life and still see my husband.

So these are my solutions so far.

Work in the same room.

If I must work on the computer when he’s home. I don’t have to work upstairs on the PC. I have just got a new laptop stand which means I can now take my work downstairs and not ruin my posture working in the living room. It’s still not really quality time with hubby, but I’m pretty good at chatting away whilst I type.

How to not let blogging take over your life*









Use an app to take notes or draft posts.

I’ve just downloaded the blogger app and have started using it to draft up (really rough) posts and ideas when I’m watching t.v with hubby.

How to not let blogging take over your life*






Use scheduling tools.

Some people don’t like them, but If I can schedule my twitter posts for the evenings, I just use the freebie tool Hootsuite but have started looking at other paid scheduling tools recently. Then I know I don’t have to be staring at my phone and can spend that time on my relationship instead.

Switch off from blogging and do something else.

Hubby commented the other day that I’ve haven’t done any sewing recently. I quickly said ‘oh it’s more of a winter thing’ but it got me thinking. I’ve recently stopped all my other hobbies and blogging has become my sole focus. This is not only bad for my time with hubby but surely it’s bad for me. So I’m dedicating a switch of time from nine o’clock and I’ve picked back up some of my favourite hobbies. Cross stitch, reading and Sudoku are my favourites. These are great relaxing activities and the perfect thing to do whilst getting cuddles from hubby.

How to not let blogging take over your life*






Tips from other bloggers.

The Money shed over on twitter posted – ‘Don’t hit burnout, it’s OK to post once a week’. This is something I’ve been hearing a lot from bloggers and it’s something I really need to do. I just to relax a little more and take my foot of the gas. I know I can’t continue at the pace I’m going, especially as I’m back teaching in September. So now the summer holidays are here I’m going to aim to just post twice a week.

*This post and my site contain sponsored and affiliate links. To find out more please read my advertising and disclosure policy.

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June blog stats and July goals

Wow, June just came and went. I’ve been busy on other things apart from blogging this month too. Preparing for returning to teaching in September and celebrating my birthday! So I was pleased when I took a look at my June blog stats.

June blog stats

Here are my June blog stats:

Page views 4,991 which is nearly half of what I saw in May. I put this down to not running any giveaways this month which saw lots of traffic generated in May.

Twitter followers 3793 up 180 this month. I’m pretty pleased with this as I haven’t been actively working on gaining new followers on twitter.

Pinterest followers 1068 up 19 I’ve just started a free trial of tailwind and so far it’s showing good signs.

Facebook likes 308 up 12 Surprised by this really as Facebook engagement is so low.

Instagram followers 977 1066 up 89 Really pleased with this. Posting everyday and working those hashtags is paying off.

HIBs ranking 244 down 58
TOTS ranking 467

Top posts
Glamping essentials
The best places to visit in Herefordshire – Goodrich Castle
100 hashtags for creative bloggers

Hotteeze, Enchanted rebels, LA Tanning, Buttoonies, heat holders, Swedish torch, Dylon, I sea Bacon and Pasta, Confetti and co, Oxo Tots, Breakfast by Bella, Pulsin

I didn’t run any this month and saw it in the downturn of my stats. Planning on running some to link with my shop in July.

Guest posting.
I was blogger of the month on The Baby Spot. (doing a little happy dance)

My June blog goals were:

  • Increase Instagram followers to 1000. I am pleased to have gone over this target, but I have been working really hard on making sure to post once a day and I have been trying out and tweaking lots of different hashtags.
  • Increase Facebook engagement. I have been trying and although Facebook engagement remains low I have gained new followers.
  • Continue to update and promote old posts, aim to do 10. Still plugging away at this one.
  • Run two giveaways. This didn’t happen.
  • Blog every other day. I managed to this plus a little more

My July goals are:

  • Increase Instagram followers to 1200. I’m setting the bar higher this month to try and push myself.
  • Take new photographs for some of my old posts. Planning on cooking some of my recipes, so I thought this would be the ideal time to take better pics.
  • Run at least one giveaway.
  • Blog twice a week. I am realistic about how much time I will get to work on the blog once the kids are off school.
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100 hashtags for creative bloggers

I’ve being hearing a lot recently on twitter about how engagement is really low on Instagram and lots of people are struggling to keep or gain new followers. At the moment I can’t agree. I have been working really hard to grow my following and I think it’s down to me upping my game with my hashtag use. You can too, with 100 hashtags for creative bloggers.

100 hashtags for creative bloggers

I’ve been setting myself Instagram goals in my monthly stats roundups and this month I set myself the task of getting to 1000 followers. Not a big ask, some of you may think but until recently I had really struggled to gain any new followers.

Why make hashtags for creative bloggers?

Since I started noting my stats my followers have grown from
781 followers in March
803 followers in April
977 followers in May
I’ve already smashed my target for June by hitting 1041 when I checked this morning. That’s a gain of 260 new followers in three months.

You may not be all about the numbers game but for me, with wanting to make more income from my blogging you do have to try and increase your followers.

So that’s when I started to focus on my hashtag use. I have three main areas that I cover on my blog and in my Instagram feed. Crafts, Lifestyle and Parenting. So I thought it would be helpful to break it down into three posts with a stronger focus on each of these three areas.

In my 100 hashtags for creative bloggers I have covered, general crafts, art and design, sewing, fabric design and paper crafts. These are my main interests in the creative world and should hopefully offer you some new hashtag choices. Obviously the more niche your creative pursuits are there will be a whole host of hashtags just for them but the general crafts ones should be helpful to all creative bloggers.

#General Craft

#Craft #crafts #crafting #craftsposure #craftday #crafters #crafter #crafty #design #designlife #designer #designing #designblog #lovewhatyoudo #creative #creativelifehappylife #creativityfound #creativelife #thatsdarling #girlboss #love #creativeminds  #diy #diycrafts #diycraft #diyideas #diyblogger #diyproject #blogger #bloggersuk #bloggergirl #bloggerpost #lblogger #mummyblogger #ukbloggers #handmade #homemade #making #handmadewithlove #memade #makers


#artistsoninstagram #art #artstudio #artistslife #sketchbook #illustration #illustrationoftheday #colouring #painting #artsy #instaart #artcollective #artoftheday

#Sewing and Embroidery

#sewists #sewcialist #sewing #sewingideas #sewingroom # sewingforkids #sewinglove #sewingaddict #crossstitch #xstitch #needlecraft #needlework #embroidery #embroideryart #embroideryhoop #crossstitchpattern #embroiderypattern  #hooplove #hoopart #igers #xstitching #xstitcher #handsewing #handsewn #puntodecruz #pointedecross #crossstitcher #crossstitching #crossstitchersofinstagram  #crossstitchlove #kanavice #kreuzstich #kruissteek

#Fabric design

#surfacepatterndesign #surfacepattern #surfacepatterndesigner #printandpattern #fabricdesign #fabricdesigner #textiledesign #textiledesigner #fabric #fabriclove

#Paper crafts

#papercraft #papercrafting #papercrafts #scrapbook #scrapbooking #scrapbookpaper #diecut #diecuts #diecutting #diecutcrazy #papercut #prettypapercraft #minipapercraft #craftstamp #stamps #stamping


Grab your FREE printable of the 100 Hashtags for creative bloggers here.

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