Copper and Blonde Creative Corner interview

I always love a hardware store. The creative possibilities are endless. I love strolling up and down the fittings isles looking in the little drawers. Most times, I just think about what I could make about them. Linzi on the other hand has made her business from doing just that. Read on to find out more about her and her business Copper and Blonde.

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Boho Jewellery box creative corner interview

You will already know I am a bit of a magpie and am often attracted to beautiful Jewellery having featured some great jewellers previously on Creative Corner. This week is no exception and I have found myself already making a birthday list with blue lace agate earrings and a sea glass necklace on it. I hope you like Boho Jewellery box as much I do.

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Isabella’s creative world, creative corner interview

This week in Creative Corner I am pleased to be sharing the work of another creative who sells through Conscious crafties, which is a selling platform for people living with Chronic Illness, Disability or Caring for a loved one. There are a wonderful range of arts and crafts available and it is really worth a look. So please read on and find out about Isabella’s creative world. isabellas creative world

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Lara King Draws – Creative Corner Interview

A recurring theme with many of the people I have interviewed for Creative Corner is the excellent mindset they have. Whether they have used their creative outlets to overcome health issues or used their ideas to channel their energies into positive mindset. This weeks interviewee shows a great positive attitude and is keen to develop and grow both herself and her business. Meeting Lara King Draws is a  great read this week!

lara king draws badges

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