International Womens day – Design competition

Today is International Women’s day and it’s great opportunity to raise up women in your life who you are thankful for or how need an extra boost. It’s also a good day to continue to challenge the inequality that exists around the world. I will be happy when we live in a globally fairer society. In celebration of today Spoonflower …


Penclic wireless Mouse giveaway

Anyone who spends a long time at the computer will know the ache of holding your mouse for hours. As a blogger and a designer I have been know to spend up to eight hours straight sat at my computer. I know this is bad for my eyes and my wrist. Which is why I’ve swapped to a wireless Mouse.


January desktop wallpaper FREE download

In the lull between Christmas and New year is the time I most often find myself planning. With the warmer temperatures it has almost begun to look like Spring outside and I have even spotted the odd bulb poking up through the ground. I’m not sure that this warmer weather will last but I love the hope of Spring. With …


My favourite illustration tools

Post contains sponsored and affiliate links* I have worked on and off on my illustration work over the years and it’s something that has built up to offer me a little extra income whilst I’ve been taking a career break. I love the feeling I get when I sell something on Redbubble or someone buys my fabric on Spoonflower. It’s …

Watercolour fruits Spoonflower competition

You will probably know that I love Spoonflower. It’s the perfect website to find almost any fabric design you could desire. It also allows you to design and print your own fabric. I have a store on Spoonflower and would love it if you took a look. Spoonflower also run a weekly design competition and I love to take part. Unfortunately, I just haven’t …

Spoonflower design competition, Hexagons

Do you know Spoonflower? It’s a great website which allows you to design and print your own fabric. It is also a great place to shop for unique and original designed fabric as many of the designers list their work in their own little store. I have a store on Spoonflower and would love it if you took a look. They also run …

How to protect your design work online

To share your work or not to share? It’s a tricky question and for those in the design world looking to get work it is something you have to tackle on a daily basis. Do I share my design work online in process and finished pieces on my Instagram to try and find work? The risk is such that people …


10 Top tips for selling on Redbubble

I have been working on passive income generation for some time now. I had a whole bank of digital and sketchbook work to draw from, so I thought I would trying selling via some of the most popular print on demand sites. Here are my top ten tips for getting your work seen and bought! On Redbubble.