7 quick ways to change your look

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The new year can be a great place to rejuvenate your look. Looking forward to the summer and throwing off the layers of jumpers and coats. Yet January is also a time of tighten purse strings and lack of motivation as the days are short. So I’ve come up with seven quick ways to change your look, that are inexpensive and easy to achieve.

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How to make your wardrobe double

When I was younger and had no kids and disposable income. I used to shop. I loved to go out on a Saturday afternoon and buy a new outfit each week to wear on a night out. With all this shopping my wardrobe was immense and when I first lived with my husband I took up 90% of the wardrobe space. Needless to say I don’t shop like that any more and a more fair division of the wardrobe has happened. So how can I still get a variety in my look? How can I make my wardrobe double?wardrobe double hangers Continue reading “How to make your wardrobe double”

Early Autumn outfit

I do love the change in seasons. It’s one thing that I really do enjoy about living in the U.K you can see the distinct changes from one season to another. That said, it’s clear to see that Autumn has arrived. One of my favourite things to do with the change in season is to change the clothes in my wardrobe. Storage is at a premium. So I swap my clothes around. I’ve just done this, so here my new Autumn outfit.autumn outfit

With every new look I create. I never make a whole new outfit up. I love to add in new pieces and stick with some classics from my wardrobe that I still love.

You may already know how much I love the colour blue in all it’s hues, so my Autumn outfit is based around blues combined with another favourite colour tan.

Autumn outfit

These tan boots are such a classic, that I get out every Autumn and have done for a good few years. The reason I still love them is their fab colour and the fact they are really good quality boots with beautiful soft leather.autumn outfit

I’ve teamed the boots with shear tights so I can still show off what remains of my tan. Plus the most gorgeous dress from Contrado. This is a new addition to my wardrobe and this may be a slight bias because I designed the fabric print but I LOVE IT! The print quality is so amazing and it’s come out really clear on the jersey skater dress.autumn outfit

I am excited to be setting up my new store on Contrado so if you love this dress as much as I do you can buy it too!autumn outfit

This season, it’s great to see the combination of soft feminine pieces with stronger more tailored pieces. One of my favourite coats is an oldie but a goody from Next and it’s fits perfectly with this look. It is well structured and has a slight military look about it which goes so well with the floral skater dress.

Autumn outfit accessories

Finally I always top my outfits off with some accessories. Sometimes I go mad and like to ramp up the styling with lots of jewellery. However I wanted a more balanced look with some beautiful polished jewellery to finish it off. I really have picked a winner with this elegant blue lagoon rainbow rocks bracelet from Nude Jewellery it’s so versatile I could wear it every day. I think I might do just that this Autumn. Nude Jewellery has a great range of jewellery from beautiful bracelets such as mine, to unique engagement rings to really show off how much someone loves you.autumn outfit

What are your favourite go to pieces for Autumn? I’d love to know.

autumn outfitWith thanks to Contrado and Nude Jewellery. For sending me the dress and bracelet to include in my Early Autumn outfit. You can find out more by reading my advertising and disclosure policy.



Mum Muddling Through

Summer gift guide for Men

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I have a lot of men to buy for in the summer. It’s often harder I think in the summer months to be inspired as there seems to be less ideas out there for inspiration on what to buy the men in your life. So I’ve put together my Summer gift guide for men. Whether you are buying birthday, graduation or wedding presents I’ve got something perfect for every type of man in your life.summer gift guide

What summer gift guide would be complete with out some smellies?

I love this set from Baylis & Harding. It has a really fresh scent of citrus lime and mint. I love these lighter scents in the summer and more musky scents in the winter. Packaged in contemporary silver and blue it makes a great gift for any man who like to smell great.

Store those smellies.

Now you’ve bought the smellies. It’s great to have a place to keep them all. This leather wash bag from Men’s Society. Is a great grown up version. Get the men in your life to ditch the comic book heroes and plastic wash bags and upgrade to something much more classic and sophisticated. Great for travelling with plenty of room for all the essentials.

summer gift guide

Free those toes

If the man your buying for is yet to go on holiday. You can beat a good pair or flip flops. Ditch the tacky plastic ones and opt for something a little more classic this summer.

Brand your burger.

Some guys love to be barbecue king in the summer. Make no mistakes on whose steak it is with the BBQ branding iron.

Natural timepiece.

I love the combination of leather, bamboo and sandalwood in this watch. It would look great with a tan and is the perfect accompaniment to many a summer outfit. 

Stay cool in the sun.

Hubby has long been a fan of a straw cowboy hat in the summer and for good reason. Stay cool in the summer and keep their head protected from the sun.

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7 fabulous summer accessories

Post contains sponsored and affiliate links* Summer is still in full swing and if you haven’t yet had your holiday. I’ve rounded up seven fabulous summer accessories that will make you rock your vacation outfits.summer accessories

For me blue is the colour of summer. Think azure skies and turquoise sea. Bring that perfect summer feeling to your outfit even if the sky is grey.

Cover up with a pashmina.

Perfect for when the evening turns cooler or if you just want to keep the sun from your shoulders. I always have a pashmina in my bag for flying as I tend to forget how chilly the plane can get. This is the perfect in flight accessory as it can pack up small but still make you look fabulous when stepping off the plane.

Cuff it in style.summer accessories summer accessories

I am in love with my new arm candy that Sue Gregor made for me. It’s a navy leaf cuff bracelet and I love how it looks with my tan. A contemporary acrylic cuff bracelet combined with the beautiful natural forms of the conifer leaf skeletons makes for a striking statement piece. Wear it with a short sleeved linen shirt dress and really show it off for it’s glory.

Blue-tifull toes

Give your toes a treat and paint them in this charmingly named port-a-loo blue Rimmel Nail varnish by Rita Ora.

Beach proof summer accessories

This Brakeburn purse is the perfect summer accessory to see you through till Autumn. The floral pattern is whimsical and it’s made of splash proof coated canvas so it won’t get damaged when you hit the beach.

Kitsch glasses.

I just couldn’t resist this cute blue heart glasses. Not to everyone’s taste, but summer is the time to be a bit more playful with your look.

Give your phone a new summer look.

This Samsung galaxy case is a beautiful addition to your summer look. Keeping your phone protected and the perfect summer accessory. I am a sucker for blue butterflies and this is such a lovely design.

It’s all about the tassels.

The tassel trend is still going strong. If you fancy adding some tassels to your summer look but don’t know where to start this elegant beaded chain silver and blue tassel is a great way to start. It would look amazing with a simple white tee. 

summer accessories

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Specspost glasses review

Have you ever tried to go shopping with small children? It can be a hard task at the best of times, but when you are shopping for something they are not remotely interested in then the task gets ten times harder. Add into the mix of making a pressured choice on what can be the expensive choice of glasses and it makes me want to leave the shop without purchasing anything.glasses






This was hubby and I last year and we resolved never to take the children with us when we went to our eyes tested again. We were resigned to separate trips but the problem with that is you don’t get your partners input on some thing (in hubbies case) you wear on your face everyday.

The glasses solution.

Specspost have the solution and I wish I heard of it sooner. When I asked to review some glasses for hubby and some sunglasses for me that we chose online and had delivered so we could try on and make a un-pressurised decision in our own home. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect idea.

We took our time choosing some glasses and sunglasses from the wide range online and then waited for them to be delivered.

They looked like their photos from the website and we had fun trying them on and taking the photos. I hadn’t quite realised how difficult they might be to photograph.

Our glasses choices

For me the choice of my favourite was simple I loved the Jasmine cats eye sunglasses (on the right) with their flattering vintage shape and graduated tint.

Hubby had a more difficult choice but eventually plumped for the Avanti major semi rimless glasses (bottom left) which fit well with the shape of his face.

What do you think? Did we make the right choices?

The great thing is once you’ve picked the frames you send them back with your prescription and they fit the lenses.

If you want to avoid the stress and take more time over your choice, i would definitely recommend specspost.glasses

We were sent a pair of glasses each for free in exchange for our honest review. You can read more in my advertising and disclosure policy.

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?

Review post for hunkemoller*

When I was in my twenties before I had kids I had great boobs. They were perky and cheeky and would stay in place with no help from underwear at all. I would happily wear a backless, or strapless, or split up the front outfit with no worry about a support system.

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?















These days, I am in my thirties, having had two children whom I breastfed for 18 months a piece. So although my body has returned to somewhat a resemblance of my post baby body. It has changed and there is no denying that.

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?









But my choice of clothes hasn’t. I would still happily pick out a backless or strapless dress. I just need great underwear to make it happen.

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?







Sometimes you find an outfit that no matter how you configure your straps your still going to see your bra. This is one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand seeing my or other peoples bra straps. Choose a bra that suits the outfits needs. (please!)

So could this bra from hunkemoller be a game changer for me? I have worn strapless bras but never a backless and strapless bra.

I was game for putting it up to the test. Would this piece of engineering be able to keep my boobies in place all night long?

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?









I tried the bra with a black satin dress that I’ve had for donkeys but hardly ever wear. I like the high neckline, slashed front and exposed back. It looks sexy but is revealing in a different way.
The back sits to low to wear a traditional strapless or halter neck bra.

Could this be the bra for the job?

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?















Initially the bra fitted great and gave the right amount of support, unfortunately after a while of wearing it the one side kept unsticking. So I had to keep readjusting it. Not sure if I have less stickability (not sure this is a word) on my one side.

Underwear solution for tricky outfits?















It’s not really what you want on a night out. Perhaps if I had chosen a tighter fit top it might of held better. For me I think if I wore this out for the night, I would have given up on it before the night was over and let my thirty something boobies go free!

I was sent this bra in exchange for my honest review. You can find out more on my advertising and disclosure policy.

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