Beginners guide to cross stitch

I came to love cross stitch quite late. It is often a craft introduced to children as it is a quick and easy one to pick up. Yet I only started it when I was in my late twenties. I was looking for something I could work on whilst watching the t.v and wanted something I could make for gifts. Since then I have stitched hundreds of patterns and designed many more. So how did I get started? If your keen to have a go here is my beginners guide to cross stitch.beginners guide to cross stitch Continue reading “Beginners guide to cross stitch”

January desktop wallpaper FREE download

In the lull between Christmas and New year is the time I most often find myself planning. With the warmer temperatures it has almost begun to look like Spring outside and I have even spotted the odd bulb poking up through the ground. I’m not sure that this warmer weather will last but I love the hope of Spring. With these thoughts in mind I designed this months FREE desktop wallpaper. Frosty leaves frozen to the ground yet still we see the first few glimpses of Spring.january desktop wallpaper Continue reading “January desktop wallpaper FREE download”

Gluten Free Mince Pies Recipe

You may well already know that I don’t like dried fruit. So why am I sharing a Gluten Free Mince Pies recipe? The reason is this, we decided to make the whole house gluten free I as found I was still suffering with the effects of being glutened regularly. After much debate we put it down to the kids. Although they understand my illness, they don’t always take the right care and it’s those stray crumbs that were doing me in. So our whole house is a Gluten free zone and I feel all the better for it.gluten free mince pie

Hubby is a massive Mince Pies fan and basically rolls from eating Hot Cross Buns for half the year to Mince Pies the next. So I could not deny him this pleasure. I am really pleased with the pastry texture for these Mince Pies and they got hubbies approval.  Continue reading “Gluten Free Mince Pies Recipe”

Gluten free Yule log recipe

When I said to my boys I was baking a Yule log. They looked at me with puzzled faces. A log? But they were delighted when it arrived on the table. For me I’ve always loved a Yule Log, as I hate dried fruit and most Christmas baking has it in. This however has never been touched by a raisin. Full on chocolate is called for. From the sponge, to the filling to the gorgeous silky buttercream bark!
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Free Christmas Planner printables

I find the closer it gets to the Christmas the more organised I have to be. Or I would feel like my head is going to explode. What with everything I’m doing at school and all the events the boys have in the run up to Christmas. Organisation is the key. Plus there is all the usual, gifts to buy, cards to write, the big food shop and who needs to be where and when. So I thought I’d give you all and early Christmas present and share with you this beautiful set of Christmas planner printables.
christmas planner header

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5 Christmas Eve crate ideas

As I’ve said before we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve night and so we avoid the night before Christmas over excited kids as they’ve had the whole day to run this off. I do know that a lot of my friends have turned to Christmas Eve boxes as a way of calming the kids down and making Christmas eve a special and magical night in itself. So here with the help of this beautiful North Pole Delivery crate from Vintage apple crates. I have compiled 5 great Christmas Eve crate ideas for young and eve crate ideas Continue reading “5 Christmas Eve crate ideas”

Lemon curd tray bake recipe

I love citrus in cakes. I like how it cuts through the sometimes overwhelming fattiness of a cake. Especially one that has buttercream on it. Don’t get me wrong I like cake because it has fat (and sugar) in it. But I don’t like how sometimes you can be left with a coated mouth. This lemon curd tray bake recipe is the perfect way to avoid that.lemon curd tray bake

It’s light and fluffy, easy to make and with the addition of buttercream topping and sprinkles. It’s a great crowd pleasing cake. Perfect for after school treat with a cup of tea or on a Sunday when you’ve got friends round.

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13 ways to promote your blog giveaway

Running a giveaway on your blog is undoubtedly a great way to get traffic. Some of my most popular posts have been giveaways. I try now to run at least two a month and it means I get regular returning visits of people checking out my latest giveaways. However it isn’t as easy as setting up your rafflecopter widget, plonking it on your blog and hoping people will organically find it. It takes a lot of promotion. I don’t like to unnecessarily spend money on my blog if it can be avoided. So I’ve complied my 13 ways to promote your blog giveaway for free here.13 ways to promote blog giveaway Continue reading “13 ways to promote your blog giveaway”

Happy new Year. Free desktop calendar January

Happy New year.

This year I am hoping to achieve many things, including blogging every day and developing my illustrative work. So in a great start to the new year I wanted to give you a piece of my work. A desktop calendar for the month of January. Penguins aren’t just for Christmas you know. In fact our most wintery weather is still on the way. Here are a flock of serene penguins on a calming snowy scene for January.

Just click on the link and you should be able to download the image in a resolution of 2560x 1440 px. Any problems message me on twitter @craftcartwright.