Must Have Blogging Accessories

In collaboration with Old English Co. Over the years I have collected bits and pieces that I use for my everyday blogging and photography. Some things were bought on a whim and somethings I have learned to never be apart from. Now the new financial year have arrived it’s time to think about what I need to update or replace …


13 Must Reads 2018 – Plus a Bookmark Giveaway

The post contains affiliate links. I love to read and this I have been making an effort to take twenty minutes a day to sit and read a book. With so much choice out there is can be hard to make an initial choice about what to read. I am lucky my parents always buy great books. But if your …


Quilt for kindness Plus Giveaway!

In COLLABORATION with Crafters Companion. You may well already know this, but I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to fabric. I have a beautiful glass antique cabinet in my study, rammed full of the most beautiful fabrics. Up until recently I was happy to just have them there. Just in case of crafting. But this year, …


Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

When my boys were younger it was easy to get them to drink enough. Now they are at school. I struggle to get them to finish a drink. Everywhere I go in the house, I’ll find abandoned cups with half finished drinks. They just get too distracted by life it seems to drink enough. So these are my ways to …


Ebook Light Giveaway

I have yet to buy an Ebook reader, loving the smell and feel of my paper books. However I did see the benefit when we last went on holiday and my suitcase weighed a tonne, thanks to all the books I was lugging along with me. Then the ability to carry Hundreds of paperbacks in one device appeals. Yet what …


KA Graphic design – Creative Corner Interview

I always thought I’d like to be a graphic designer, but I found I was not disciplined enough. My font styles would drift for one to another and I would over do a design rather than keep it to the point. Someone who has mastered this techniques, is this week’s creative corner interviewee. Have a read all about KA Graphic …


Tongue Cleanser Giveaway

How many times do you brush your teeth? Do you floss? How about a Tongue Cleanser? Do you use one? This is the interrogation I get every time I go to the dentist. My answers would be twice a day, when I remember and a Tongue what!?


Penclic wireless Mouse giveaway

Anyone who spends a long time at the computer will know the ache of holding your mouse for hours. As a blogger and a designer I have been know to spend up to eight hours straight sat at my computer. I know this is bad for my eyes and my wrist. Which is why I’ve swapped to a¬†wireless Mouse.


Kitchen Timer giveaway

I love to cook when I’m at home, even though for some this may seem odd when I’ve been doing it all day long teaching Kids how to cook. But I find it really relaxing, especially when I bake. Sundays are often my baking time, when I’ll bake perhaps two or three cakes and a batch of cookies.¬†When you bake …

Spring Garden Plans

I can almost smell Spring in the air. It was beautifully sunny on my drive home from work yesterday and without giving it too much thought. My mind was already stepping into spring and imagining spending more time outdoors in the garden. I have set myself a few plans for this year which I hope will encourage us to get …