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I love to cook when I’m at home, even though for some this may seem odd when I’ve been doing it all day long teaching Kids how to cook. But I find it really relaxing, especially when I bake. Sundays are often my baking time, when I’ll bake perhaps two or three cakes and a batch of cookies. When you bake that much you need a good kitchen timer and I find the one on my oven fiddly.

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Spring Garden Plans

I can almost smell Spring in the air. It was beautifully sunny on my drive home from work yesterday and without giving it too much thought. My mind was already stepping into spring and imagining spending more time outdoors in the garden. I have set myself a few plans for this year which I hope will encourage us to get more use out of Spring garden and enjoy it as a family.spring garden plans

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Self Care tips for January

I often find January the worst of the winter months. Christmas is over and the lights go down and yet January can often be darker and more miserable. This Christmas I managed to escape the dreaded teacher bug. But now January has hit I’ve gone down with all manner of coughs and colds. So here are my self care tips to get you through January and beyond. Plus I’ve got a great give away to make you feel better. Continue reading “Self Care tips for January”

Apple Cinnamon muffins recipe

I love to bake. You may already know this from the countless recipes I’ve shared on my blog over the years. But baking in the Autumn and Winter has to be my favourite. I love all the rich scents and flavours that come from fruits, spices and dark sugars. So I thought I’d share one of my favourite fruity and spicy recipes today. These apple and cinnamon muffins are deliciously moreish and are great warm or cold.

apple and cinnamon muffins with tea

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PlantPal review and giveaway

I love having plants in the house. A touch of greenery, lifts a room. Plus they improve the air quality in the house. Since we’ve lived together, hubby and I have amassed quite a collection of plants around the house. However watering the plants doesn’t seem to be either of our jobs and often we find a droopy plant in the living room. So these Plantpal watering globes could be just the thing to avoid an argument and a dead houseplant! Header Plantpal review Continue reading “PlantPal review and giveaway”

Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!

I love entertaining at home. Given the choice of going out for a meal or having people over. 9 times out of 10 I prefer to have people over. Not only does it take the stress of if I will get gutened when I’m out but also I much prefer the relaxed atmosphere you get feeding friends and family at home. Over the years our entertaining has improved, with a larger kitchen and a wider cooking repertoire. Now we also have the perfect kitchen accessories with the Vremi Espresso and wine preserver. To start and finish our meal with too.Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway

Why do you need to preserve wine?

Not everyone in our family agrees on what is the best wine to drink with our meals. We had robust red drinkers, rose lovers and dry crisp white flavours. So having a wine preserver is a handy way of keeping that half bottle fresh for up to ten days. It has a vacuum pump which makes it quick and easy to seal the bottle. Plus it has a dial on it so you can turn it to the date it was sealed and then you never miss out on the cheeky extra glass.Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!

After dinner Vremi Espresso

Once dinner is over, hubby loves to finish his meal with a coffee. I must admit I’m not a fan of drinking coffee. Being much more of a tea drinker. But I do love the smell of fresh coffee being made. This Espresso maker looks so lovely in our black and white kitchen. Filling the downstairs with that great aroma. Easy to use and suitable for lots of different stove tops. It’s a great way to end a fab meal.Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!


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Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!

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13 ways to promote your blog giveaway

Running a giveaway on your blog is undoubtedly a great way to get traffic. Some of my most popular posts have been giveaways. I try now to run at least two a month and it means I get regular returning visits of people checking out my latest giveaways. However it isn’t as easy as setting up your rafflecopter widget, plonking it on your blog and hoping people will organically find it. It takes a lot of promotion. I don’t like to unnecessarily spend money on my blog if it can be avoided. So I’ve complied my 13 ways to promote your blog giveaway for free here.13 ways to promote blog giveaway Continue reading “13 ways to promote your blog giveaway”