Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

When my boys were younger it was easy to get them to drink enough. Now they are at school. I struggle to get them to finish a drink. Everywhere I go in the house, I’ll find abandoned cups with half finished drinks. They just get too distracted by life it seems to drink enough. So these are my ways to …


Top Five Gluten Free Flours

The post contains affiliate links. To find out more please read my advertising and disclosure policy. I love baking and have done ever since I was a child. Getting diagnosed as a Coeliac I thought would put a stop to my love of baking. But it has fuelled me to learn more about the science of baking and how to …


Five great ways to stay in shape

I am not one for diets and have managed to avoid the gym or any exercise classes in my thirty seven years. However I do like to stay in shape. At 5 ft 3” I like to try and maintain my weight of Nine stone. I have been heavier and I been thinner but at Nine stone I like my …


Tongue Cleanser Giveaway

How many times do you brush your teeth? Do you floss? How about a Tongue Cleanser? Do you use one? This is the interrogation I get every time I go to the dentist. My answers would be twice a day, when I remember and a Tongue what!?


Self Care tips for January

I often find January the worst of the winter months. Christmas is over and the lights go down and yet January can often be darker and more miserable. This Christmas I managed to escape the dreaded teacher bug. But now January has hit I’ve gone down with all manner of coughs and colds. So here are my self care tips …


ResMed S+ Sleep review

Sleep has become a bigger issue as I’ve got older. Now me and my husband seem to talk about sleep a lot more than we did. ‘did you get a good nights sleep?’ ‘I’m so tired today’ etc etc. When I was younger I don’t think I ever thought about sleep. I could go without any or sleep for half …


50 foods in one week?

Post in collaboration with Taymount Clinic. Over the last two and half years I have become so much more aware of the foods I eat and what effect this has on me. Not just that I must avoid gluten and how badly I can suffer when I’ve been glutened but also the variety and sources of my food. I eat …


Gluten free store cupboard essentials

Receiving my coeliac disease diagnosis nearly two and a half years ago, left me heart broken. I looked in my bare cupboards after disposing of everything that contained gluten. Gone was the bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes etc. But also the stock, the soya sauce, the mustard and the cupboard was nearly bare. For a about a week, I just sulked …


Post workout snacks*

This is a sponsored post* Hubby has recently started to workout more. I bought him a bike clamp so he could ride his bike through the winter and now the summer has arrived he often goes out on it in the evenings. Doing 10 – 20 miles. I think this is because he recently hit forty. He’s not overweight in …


Hotteeze heat pads review

Since having kids I’ve been plagued by a bad back. I have put it down to having SPD in my pregnancies, carrying my kids around for far too long. I still carry the four year old sometimes! Staying in one position either sitting or standing for long periods of time. So these Heat Pads came at just the right time …