Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!

I love entertaining at home. Given the choice of going out for a meal or having people over. 9 times out of 10 I prefer to have people over. Not only does it take the stress of if I will get gutened when I’m out but also I much prefer the relaxed atmosphere you get feeding friends and family at home. Over the years our entertaining has improved, with a larger kitchen and a wider cooking repertoire. Now we also have the perfect kitchen accessories with the Vremi Espresso and wine preserver. To start and finish our meal with too.Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway

Why do you need to preserve wine?

Not everyone in our family agrees on what is the best wine to drink with our meals. We had robust red drinkers, rose lovers and dry crisp white flavours. So having a wine preserver is a handy way of keeping that half bottle fresh for up to ten days. It has a vacuum pump which makes it quick and easy to seal the bottle. Plus it has a dial on it so you can turn it to the date it was sealed and then you never miss out on the cheeky extra glass.Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!

After dinner Vremi Espresso

Once dinner is over, hubby loves to finish his meal with a coffee. I must admit I’m not a fan of drinking coffee. Being much more of a tea drinker. But I do love the smell of fresh coffee being made. This Espresso maker looks so lovely in our black and white kitchen. Filling the downstairs with that great aroma. Easy to use and suitable for lots of different stove tops. It’s a great way to end a fab meal.Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!


For your chance to win both a  Vremi Espresso and a Wine preserver. Just enter via the gleam widget below. Good luck.
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Vremi Espresso and Wine preserver review and Giveaway!

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Inspired wallpaper giveaway

Post in collaboration with Inspired wallpaper.

I love a spot of DIY and love to redecorate my house. We have moved three times whilst we’ve been married and I have always loved putting our own stamp on our new homes. After a while the bug to freshen things up hits me again and I’m soon flicking through paint charts and looking at Inspired wallpaper samples.inspired wallpaper

If you could redecorate, what would you do?

Inspired wallpaper have got a great article on How to create a Pinterest Perfect home. I know I am like many that have a whole host of DIY pins that I may or may never get round to recreating. It’s such a common addiction it’s spawned so many memes.

If I had the chance to redecorate my bedroom right now, I’d be opting for serious luxury. I’d love to recreate the mood of a bijou chic hotel but on a more reasonable price range.

This is how I’d do it.

inspired wallpapaer

I’d go to town on the cushions. In reality I know they are a pain  and all you really do is move them from the bed to the floor every night. But for me they give a great sense of luxury.

inspired wallpaper craftwithcartwright

Finally, I’d stick to soft tones for the furnishing and decoration. Teaming little splashes of colour with natural materials and soft textures. If only I had a room big enough to fit in this amazing bed!

Inspired wallpaper giveaway.

For your chance to win £75 to spend in the Inspired wallpaper site, enter the rafflecopter competition below.

You can enter multiple times using the entry options shown.  The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter. The Winner will be contacted by Inspired Wallpaper to send them the prize. Full terms and conditions can be found in the widget.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

£75 voucher for Inspired Wallpaper site  –  no monetary exchange available

The contest will close Midnight Thursday 14th August

Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of Inspired Wallpaper

Craft with Cartwright cannot be held responsible for lost prizes and all winner decisions are final. The winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn

UK Entrants Only

inspired wallpaper

Vintage lighting review

Our house is an eclectic mix of many different styles and time periods. We inherited some great furniture for our lounge when we moved into our most recent house and have been slowly getting it how we want it to look. Lighting is often a key element in interior design and we have struggled to find something unique enough to fit in our room. The solution has come in this vintage lighting from Dandelion interiors.vintage lighting


It’s an unusual combination of old curiosity and turn of the century modern. With it’s glass dome cloche you might expect to see a stuffed bird or treasure from the ancient world from travels to far off distant shores. Combined with the oversized line filament retro bulb and it makes a great feature piece at night for our French dressing table which we use as a side board in our lounge.

It doesn’t throw out masses of light but it does cast a warm glow around the room. Great for snuggling on Autumn nights in front of the fire. You might want more lighting if you wanted to read or sew in the evening.

Vintage lighting – daytimevintage lighting

The only downside I have found to this lamp is it doesn’t look like much in the day time. If you want to show it off to it’s best  in the day, you need to have it lit all the time. Energy saving is a big thing with hubby and me, therefore we always turn lights off. As you can see with it off it almost looks like an empty dome.vintage lighting

What do you think? Where in your house would you use this vintage lighting?vintage lighting

I was sent the Vintage lighting from Dandelion interiors in exchange for my honest review. To find our more read my advertising and disclosure policy.

Songmics Ottoman review and giveaway

Post in collaboration with Songmics*

Storage has long been a problem in my kids bedrooms. It seems that no matter how much they have their stuff seems to spill from it. In a tidal wave of toys I can often find myself swept away in despair as I pick my way through their rooms to get to open the curtains or put clothes in drawers. With my eldest it’s lego. Bain of many a mums poor feet, in my youngest’s room it cuddly toys! I’m sure they are breeding as there seems to be more of them each day.

songmics ottoman

The Songmics storage solution.

Now the floor in youngest’s room has become clear, all the cuddly toys are safely packed away. It’s a trip free walk for me to get through his room now.  It’s amazing how many of them I can squish in.

When I asked if I’d like to review the Songmics Folding Storage Ottoman. I had two thoughts. What’s an ottoman? and do we really need one? A quick google search later. I discovered an ottoman is a great storage idea that also doubles as a handy set. Answer to question two – yes we do need one!

songmics ottoman



I am so please with how well it fitted into youngest’s pink room. It matches is silvery grey curtains and makes a great seat by the side of his bed. Quick to assemble it robust enough to take my bum and now I don’t have to sit on the floor when it’s story time.

songmics ottoman


Also if you haven’t already heard me go on about how much I love a chuck box for toys, this makes tidying before bed time a whizz. All the cuddly toys can be picked up and dumped in, then squidged down under the lid for the night. Even they boys enjoy chucking them in.

songmics ottoman


Songmics Ottoman giveaway

For your chance to win a Songomic Folding Storage Ottoman. Simply enter via the rafflecoper widget below.

You can enter multiple times using the entry options shown.  The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter and contacted by Songmics to send them the prize. Full terms and conditions can be found in the widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One Songmics Folding Storage Ottoman –  no monetary exchange available

This contest will stay open until Midnight, Friday 8th September

Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of Songmics
Craft with Cartwright cannot be held responsible for lost prizes
All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn
UK Entrants Only
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Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Post in collaboration with Vintage Apple Crates*

You may or may not know that I am a lover of all things vintage. Our house is decorated with a wide range of furniture from many time periods and I think that my body shape suits a more vintage look. Which is why it may come as no surprise that my newest business is vintage related. The great thing about vintage is you can mix it up with what you already have and I thought I would share seven great ideas for how to use Vintage Apple Crates in your home and garden.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

In need of storage in your garden?

Show off what could be seen as everyday, make a mini display cabinet or your garden tools and favourite potted plants. I love having mint at this height as it’s great to brush past and smell.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates


Plant up your vintage apples crates.

For a more permanent feature, line the crate with breathable membrane and plant up. For seasonal colour, hide ugly plastic plant pots inside the crate and swap as the seasons and flowers change.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Store those shoes.

Tidy away your shoes and boots or show off your favourite pairs. I think this would also look great at a wedding wear you could have a flip flop swap for tired feet in heels.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Make a snuggle box.

It may be summer but it will soon be Autumn. Make a snuggle box at the end of your sofa to stash all your favourite cosy blankets and cushions. Everything you need is in hand when you feel the need to cosy up.


Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Stack them up!

Run out of space for your plant pots? Windowsill to small? How about stacking up crates and using them for your house plants. Make sure to secure to the wall with brackets if you have little’s ones though. Mine were always climbing!
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

Creative play spaces for kids.

My kids loved this little set up I made in the playroom. Initially I just thought of it for book storage, but they love it for small world play. Setting up little dioramas. I could see these been endlessly played with my boys creative minds.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates

A chuck box.

Every kids room needs a chuck box. I’ve softened this one for their bedroom by lining it with a fleece blanket. A chuck box is great for a quick tidy. Especially if you have an ever growing mountain of cuddly toys. I swear they are breeding. Make a game of it and get the kids to clean the floor in their room by chucking everything into the box.
Seven inspirational uses for Vintage Apple crates
I hoped you liked my inspirational uses of apple crates. Have you got any great suggestions? I’d love to know.
See more inspiring ideas on the Vintage Apple Crates blog.
You can also check out my Pinterest board for further ideas.
Many thanks to Vintage Apple Crates for sending me these in exchange for my post. You can read more in my advertising and disclosure policy.
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Five great herbs to grow at home

Do you love to use fresh herbs in your cooking, but find the price of them too expensive? Even if you only have a small windowsill or a few pots outside I have five great herbs that you should grow at home. My kids love gardening with me and even with their ‘help’ we have managed to successfully grow these five in our garden. Some are in pots and some in the ground but they would all survive in pots if needed. There is nothing better than fresh herbs to lift a dish, plus they are great for lots of other uses around the home.

Five great herbs to grow at home

1. Mint.

Best kept in a pot as it is so easy to grow it will spread around your garden if you plant it out. I love mint so much we have two varieties, sweet mint and pepper mint outside my kitchen door. I love using mint in pea soup, mixed with cucumber and sparkling water for a summer cooler and chopped and sprinkled over strawberries.

Five great herbs to grow at home

2. Bay.

So simple to grow. I had a bay tree at our old house and was sad to leave it. So before we moved I took green cuttings of it. Sniped off a couple of inches, removed some of the leaves, ducked them in rooting liquid and potted them up. We’ve been in out house for four years now and I have two splendid bay tree, which would have cost me a fortune if I’d bought them from the garden centre.
Bay is great fresh or dried for cooking. I also love using it in flower arrangements and when I make wreaths.

Five great herbs to grow at home

3. Chives.

My children are not onion fans and often spend ages picking onion out of dishes I’ve cooked them even if I have chopped them really small. Yet, they love chives. I regularly find them chomping on them in the garden or smell their breath and know the chive patch has been attacked. They have a mild onion flavour and are great in cheese sandwiches and potato salad.

Five great herbs to grow at home


4. Oregano

This is probably my most frequently used herb, it reminds me of Greece and I use it so much in my cooking as I love Mediterranean food. Best to have it planted somewhere where it gets a lot of sun as this helps bring out the flavour more.
Five great herbs to grow at home

5. Lavender

Not only is it lovely to look at with beautiful purple flowers, it smells amazing when brushing past it. Plant in near a path to get wafts of scent every time. I like to pick and dry it for lavender bags in the cupboards and drawers. I have also used it to make lavender sugar and shortbread.
Five great herbs to grow at home

Do you have any recommendations for other herbs I should try and grow?
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5 easy ways to transform your Living room*

This is a sponsored post for Blinds Direct Online.*

Sometimes you just get tired of your Living room, I know I do. Staring at the same walls every evening can get a bit boring. Yet you don’t always have the time or the money to completely re-decorate your room. So I’ve come up with five great ways that will transform your living room for little or no money compared to redecorating.

1. Splashes of colour.

Pick an accent colour that co-ordinates with your sofa and curtains and buy or repaint your accessories in this new colour. It’s amazing what some spray paints will stick to these days and a few new pops of colour around the room can make a world of difference.

2. Change your curtains to blinds.

The windows in your living room are major focal point and can be dressed up in so many ways. Why not try changing your curtains to blinds. Blinds are much easier to keep clean and don’t have that messy look that some curtains can have when they are not hung properly. They also give a room a bigger sense of space because they don’t encroach into the living space. You can order a free sample to try out in your home from Blinds Direct Online here.

3. Have a feature wall.

Quite often DIY stores have end of lines and discounts on small tins of paint. This is perfect for a low cost way of transforming your room, plus it doesn’t require the full move that doing the whole room does. Just push the furniture to the opposite end and lay some dust sheets down. In an hour or so you have a whole new look to your living room.

4. Soft furnishings.

Want to change your living room look to reflect the season? Why not add fluffy cushions and a cosy woollen throw in winter for extra snuggly comfort. In summer change to cool crisp cotton and linen cushions and a coir mat.

5. Change your living room for no money.

Finally, this has to be my favourite thing to do when I’m bored, but it really works to bring a whole new look to your living room.
Move the furniture, change the focal point of the room, rearrange the ornaments. Suddenly you have a whole new outlook on your space without ever spending any money.

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