Great after school snacks

It can be like living with a swarm of Locusts when my boys return home from school. You’d think they hadn’t had a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack the way the ravenously demand food as soon as we cross the doorstep. It is tempting to go for the lazy option, such a cereal bar or a packet of …


Post Pregnancy hair problems.

Post in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic There was not much I enjoyed about being pregnant if I’m honest. Even less so with my second pregnancy. I suffered with SPD and spent 6 months of the pregnancy signed off work. Plus the baby sat on one kidney and stopped it working. To be fair it was pretty rubbish. The …


Willow and Wild Subscription Box Review

My boys love getting post. For all this technology and living in the digital age talk, they cannot be more excited about getting snail mail. So when two Willow and Wild subscription boxes with their names on landed on the mat. They were beyond excitement.


St Patricks day round up

When I was younger my Dad always wanted me to enter the Rose of Tralee. My Irish heritage is strong on both sides of my family and I have often visited Tipperary and Cullen where my families originated from. So I have a good reason to enjoy St Patrick’s day. Even if you can find a shred of Irish in …


Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

When my boys were younger it was easy to get them to drink enough. Now they are at school. I struggle to get them to finish a drink. Everywhere I go in the house, I’ll find abandoned cups with half finished drinks. They just get too distracted by life it seems to drink enough. So these are my ways to …

Twinning the kids at Christmas

Do you like twinning? Until fairly recently I’d always thought that twinning was something that towns did with another town in France or Germany. When I was a child the only people who dressed their kids the same were people who actually had twins.

Finding the perfect family car

sponsored post The time has come when I need to find a new family car. I’m not keen on shopping for cars, which is why I have put it off for so long. However the old girl has done e great service for the past eight years. So it got me thinking what do I want in my next car? …


Childrens Christmas gift guide

It seems year on year I have more Children to buy for at Christmas and ever growing collection of Nieces and nephews. Plus my friend just keep having them, means I am a seasoned shopping when it comes to buying for the kids. So I’ve put together my Children’s Christmas gift guide to help you if you’re stuck for inspiration …


How to make your own teacher gift

This year is my youngest first year in school and therefor his first year of wanting to give a present to his teacher at Christmas. He is very crafty and wanted to do something extra special for his teacher. So we decided to make his own teacher gift this year and fill it with some treats.   We were sent …


Throw your own decorate t shirt party

As my kids have got older I have looked at ways to entertain them and their friends at their birthday parties. This year my eldest turns nine and although he still loves pass the parcel etc. He would like to do something a bit different with his friends at his birthday. So we thought we might try out a throwing …