Finding the perfect family car

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The time has come when I need to find a new family car. I’m not keen on shopping for cars, which is why I have put it off for so long. However the old girl has done e great service for the past eight years. So it got me thinking what do I want in my next car? I no longer have need for space to carry buggies and bulky car seats as the boys are bigger and I have no plans for any more. So what would make our perfect family car?Finding the perfect family car

What I want in a family car

  • I would love a smaller car that is easier to park
  • In a colour that doesn’t show the dirt
  • With car upholstery that is easy to clean
  • A good stereo
  • Fuel efficient

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How to make your own teacher gift

This year is my youngest first year in school and therefor his first year of wanting to give a present to his teacher at Christmas. He is very crafty and wanted to do something extra special for his teacher. So we decided to make his own teacher gift this year and fill it with some treats.

how to make a teacher gift


We were sent these Rosey Nosey Rudolph Kraft bucket kits from little crafty bugs and they were the perfect make for my four year old. Simple enough that he could manage it on his own but made with quality materials so the final outcome looked really cool. Continue reading “How to make your own teacher gift”

Personalised Parties pack review

These winter months are a busy time for us not only is Christmas coming up but our eldest’s birthday. I have often felt sorry for people who have their birthdays near Christmas as there can be a tendency to lump it all together. Once I had a friend when I was at school whose birthday was Christmas eve. Personally can’t think of anything worse. Luckily eldest’s birthday isn’t quite as close to Christmas as that. However I do like to make the effort to mark the occasion and make him feel really special. So I was pleased when we got the opportunity to review the Personalised Parties pack.
header personalised parties review
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Shape kids review

We were recently asked to test and review The Shape Kids toys and books for the Rainbow toy awards. Both the boys were excited to get the package and tore it open immediately. Even though they are aimed at my youngest age group, that didn’t seem to stop the eldest from joining in.the shape kids

You will probably know that personally I love wooden toys and often buy them for other kids as I like their feel and they remind me of my childhood toys. The Shape Kids were lovely and smooth, with brightly coloured finishes and magnetic spots where you can take the pieces apart and rearrange them. A great way to introduce shapes and colour to your children.the shape kids

Initially the youngest was very excited to play with them, however it didn’t last long. Once he had made them up, swapped their body parts and then tried to launch various blocks at the eldest head. The novelty had worn off.

Now they have become part of the mix of toys in the playroom and are used in different creative ways. For example in small world play as platforms for fire rescues and as barns and walls in the farmyard.the shape kids

The eldest has also enjoyed the magnets and spends ages collecting objects to hang from the blocks magnetic spots.

We will however come back to again and again, the story books. As I have said before we love books and reading in our house and these are lovely stories to enjoy before bedtime.the shape kids

Final thoughts on The Shape Kids

Overall I think the toys were of a very high quality and would last a long time. They were easy to fit together and are well suited to being played with by little fingers. With the age setting, I think three year old’s will enjoy playing with the toys as they come. As the children get older they will probably be used in more creative and imaginative ways. Which is all part of the fun, right?the shape kids


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The Alphabet train book review

I love reading and I have done everything I can to grow the love of books in my children. I find it such a shame when I meet children in Secondary school who have never found the joy of reading. The earlier you can introduce and share books with your children the better. If you are yet to find a book that your kids love. You might find they love one that is personalised with their name. The Alphabet train could be the perfect book for them.the alphabet train

So a few weeks back I responded to a tweet from Dr. Niamh looking for parent bloggers to review the book she had written. You have the opportunity to personalise the book. You choose your child’s name, their sex and what they look like. Then you can also add a special message for the last page. We chose ‘Keep on reading’.the alphabet train

All aboard The Alphabet Train

Then the story takes you through the alphabet, looking at the letters and the sounds they make. Which fits in perfectly with early years curriculum for phonics.

They then explore if those letters are in their name. It is perfect for my youngest who is four and is just learning to sound out words and write his name.the alphabet train book review

The book is easy to read, fun and captivating for young readers. With great rhymes which all children love and remember! It is perhaps a little longer than the books we read at bedtime. So it’s worthwhile finding the time to set aside and enjoy the book together. Why not make a book corner and have a dedicated area to encourage the love of books.the alphabet train book corner

The Alphabet train is beautifully illustrated. It makes a great keepsake and will be a book my youngest will treasure.the alphabet train

Many thanks to Dr. Niamh for sending us the book for free in exchange for our review. If you want to find out more you can read my advertising and disclosure policy.

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Wannabees – I want to be a Doctor review

You will have to forgive me for this parenting crime, but I would really love it if one of my kids pursued my early career dream and went to study to be a Doctor! I really wish I had trained to be one and is it really wrong of me to encourage my kids to think of this career path? I’ve been subtle in my influences so far, with carefully chosen toys and dressing up outfits! Now I’ve got the perfect book to go with the medical themed play scene. Wannabees, I want to be a doctor book. wannabees

What is Wannabees?

Wannabees produce imaginative roles play packs for children on different careers. Teacher, Cafe owner and Doctor. All great gender neutral roles. Naturally I wanted us to look at, I want to be a doctor.

It is so comprehensive and really brings to life role playing this profession.

Included in the pack were:

  • Name badge and patient stickers
  • Bed layout plans for doing hospital rounds
  • Patient health records
  • Eyesight tests
  • Growth charts
  • Patient examination forms
  • End of bed notes
  • Injection records
  • Appointment cards
  • Prescriptions.

It was perfect for my two to play together with. At four my youngest loves the stickers and setting up the ward with his cuddly toys and at eight my eldest loves form filling and statistics. So it’s something then can happily divide up the roles and play nicely along side each other.wannabees

You never know I might just convince both of them to be doctors sometime in the future! If not, I know they’ll have had a happy childhood playing with each other and using their imaginations to inspire creative play.wannabees

Many thanks for Wanabees for sending us the book to review in exchange for my honest opinion. You can find out more in my advertising and disclosure policy. 



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