Stampin’ up card kit review

So I’ve made a few cards in my thirty odd years on this planet. Some of them have survived decades (thank you mum) and others went un-appreciated and into the recycling. However I’ve never used a kit before to make them. Preferring to freestyle the design at bit. So when I was asked to review the Stampin’ up Card Kit. …


How to make a Photo Album

Collaborative post with Printiki. I have previously written about my love of printed photos and I recently wanted to make a gift for my mum. So I deiced to make her a handmade photo album. It was easier than I thought and she was so pleased with the final result, I thought I’d share it with you.


Willow and Wild Subscription Box Review

My boys love getting post. For all this technology and living in the digital age talk, they cannot be more excited about getting snail mail. So when two Willow and Wild subscription boxes with their names on landed on the mat. They were beyond excitement.


Global Gourmet Water Urn review

I love Tea. I really can’t stress it enough how much my life is dependant on Tea. The papers say that the UK is a country of Coffee drinkers, but that really isn’t the case in our family. My family and hubbies was forged on tea and a family occasion just wouldn’t be right without it. Which is why I …


Globenfeld Sports Watch review

Hubbies birthday is coming up and I’ve started to think about what he would like for it. He likes to look good and is keen on his clothes and accessories. So when the chance to review the¬†Globenfeld Sports Watch came up I thought great! That’s one present sorted right there.

The gift of giving at Christmas

As I’ve got older I have often struggled with the question ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ because if I am being really honest there isn’t anything that springs to mind. I am happy with all that I have. I don’t need to receive anything to make me happy this Christmas. Time with my family, good food and some good …

Why give Christmas flowers

I love to bring greenery into my home at Christmas. We always have a real tree and I love the scent of it in the mornings, when I come downstairs. We also hang mistletoe and holly around the house and decorate the table with flowers. This is why I give Christmas flowers as gifts. I want my friends and family …


How to make your wardrobe double

When I was younger and had no kids and disposable income. I used to shop. I loved to go out on a Saturday afternoon and buy a new outfit each week to wear on a night out. With all this shopping my wardrobe was immense and when I first lived with my husband I took up 90% of the wardrobe …


Apple Cinnamon muffins recipe

I love to bake. You may already know this from the countless recipes I’ve shared on my blog over the years. But baking in the Autumn and Winter has to be my favourite. I love all the rich scents and flavours that come from fruits, spices and dark sugars. So I thought I’d share one of my favourite fruity and …


Childrens Christmas gift guide

It seems year on year I have more Children to buy for at Christmas and ever growing collection of Nieces and nephews. Plus my friend just keep having them, means I am a seasoned shopping when it comes to buying for the kids. So I’ve put together my Children’s Christmas gift guide to help you if you’re stuck for inspiration …