The gift of giving at Christmas

As I’ve got older I have often struggled with the question ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ because if I am being really honest there isn’t anything that springs to mind. I am happy with all that I have. I don’t need to receive anything to make me happy this Christmas. Time with my family, good food and some good telly is what makes my Christmas. However I do love to give. So I wanted to encourage everyone to think about the gift of giving at Christmas.

gift of giving at christmas presents

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Why give Christmas flowers

I love to bring greenery into my home at Christmas. We always have a real tree and I love the scent of it in the mornings, when I come downstairs. We also hang mistletoe and holly around the house and decorate the table with flowers. This is why I give Christmas flowers as gifts. I want my friends and family to enjoy that feeling that Spring is not long away and cherish the greenery and lovely scents from them.
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How to make your wardrobe double

When I was younger and had no kids and disposable income. I used to shop. I loved to go out on a Saturday afternoon and buy a new outfit each week to wear on a night out. With all this shopping my wardrobe was immense and when I first lived with my husband I took up 90% of the wardrobe space. Needless to say I don’t shop like that any more and a more fair division of the wardrobe has happened. So how can I still get a variety in my look? How can I make my wardrobe double?wardrobe double hangers Continue reading “How to make your wardrobe double”

Apple Cinnamon muffins recipe

I love to bake. You may already know this from the countless recipes I’ve shared on my blog over the years. But baking in the Autumn and Winter has to be my favourite. I love all the rich scents and flavours that come from fruits, spices and dark sugars. So I thought I’d share one of my favourite fruity and spicy recipes today. These apple and cinnamon muffins are deliciously moreish and are great warm or cold.

apple and cinnamon muffins with tea

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How to make your own teacher gift

This year is my youngest first year in school and therefor his first year of wanting to give a present to his teacher at Christmas. He is very crafty and wanted to do something extra special for his teacher. So we decided to make his own teacher gift this year and fill it with some treats.

how to make a teacher gift


We were sent these Rosey Nosey Rudolph Kraft bucket kits from little crafty bugs and they were the perfect make for my four year old. Simple enough that he could manage it on his own but made with quality materials so the final outcome looked really cool. Continue reading “How to make your own teacher gift”

PlantPal review and giveaway

I love having plants in the house. A touch of greenery, lifts a room. Plus they improve the air quality in the house. Since we’ve lived together, hubby and I have amassed quite a collection of plants around the house. However watering the plants doesn’t seem to be either of our jobs and often we find a droopy plant in the living room. So these Plantpal watering globes could be just the thing to avoid an argument and a dead houseplant! Header Plantpal review Continue reading “PlantPal review and giveaway”

Personalised Parties pack review

These winter months are a busy time for us not only is Christmas coming up but our eldest’s birthday. I have often felt sorry for people who have their birthdays near Christmas as there can be a tendency to lump it all together. Once I had a friend when I was at school whose birthday was Christmas eve. Personally can’t think of anything worse. Luckily eldest’s birthday isn’t quite as close to Christmas as that. However I do like to make the effort to mark the occasion and make him feel really special. So I was pleased when we got the opportunity to review the Personalised Parties pack.
header personalised parties review
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