St Patricks day round up

When I was younger my Dad always wanted me to enter the Rose of Tralee. My Irish heritage is strong on both sides of my family and I have often visited Tipperary and Cullen where my families originated from. So I have a good reason to enjoy St Patrick’s day. Even if you can find a shred of Irish in …


The perfect gift for Mothers Day

Sponsored post. Often around this time of year I start searching for the perfect gift for Mothers day. Not only concerned with my purchase but that of my Husbands choice for his mum and what to steer the children into getting for me as well. It is all too easy to mistakenly fall for the tat that is overloading the …


Handmade Mothers day Gift guide

The post contains affiliate links. This year I’m determined to make more of my purchases with independent retailers. I’ve been so inspired my the amazing work I’ve seen through my Creative Corner interview series. That I know I can find the perfect gifts for any occasion. Mother’s day is just around the corner, so I’ve compiled my favourite Handmade Mothers …


FREE February desktop wallpaper download

I am really enjoying sharing these desktop calendars with you. It’s so nice to think that for at least a month, people are staring at my design work on their screens. This month’s February desktop wallpaper is a nod to Valentine’s day.


3 quick and easy Valentines card ideas

January is drawing to a close and perhaps your thoughts are turning to Valentine’s Day? Why not send your hearts desire something a little more personal this year than the over priced commercial tat filling the shop windows. You don’t have to be crafty to make these quick and easy valentines card ideas. Plus you can write your own special …


Seven great Halloween party ideas for Grown ups

Why should Children have all the fun at Halloween? I must admit I do love Halloween. I find it a great excuse to have a party, dress up and eat some great food. Yet, all my parties these days are very Children focused. Now the boys are getting older, it might be the time to have a party just for …


Magic Santa letter review and discount code

How do you celebrate Christmas? Is Father Christmas an important part of your children’s celebrations? We are a little different to most families in this country as we celebrate on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition that has come from my side of the family and when my husband and I married we had to combine both of your traditions. …


Ten great gifts for every type of Dad

Father’s day will soon be upon us and I like many mums, daughters and wives will be looking for the perfect Father’s day gift. In fact I will be looking for four. As I have my hubby to buy for as the kids are too young, my Dad, my step Dad and my Father In Law because hubby is too …

Easter craft pack review

My boys were lucky enough to be sent these Easter craft packs from Hello Moon just in time for the start of the Easter Holidays. I must admit by 9:30 on the first day we had broke them out! My boys are very early risers and we had already exhausted the ideas I had planned for the day. So as …

Easter Etsy gift guide

Non – chocolate Easter Etsy gift guide for Kids. All under £5.00. I don’t know about you, but with our extended family the boys can end up with over 13 Easter eggs each! That’s a whopping amount of chocolate, whilst they might love it, I don’t want to contribute to their sugar consumption. So we always buy non-chocolate related gifts.