The perfect gift for Mothers Day

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Often around this time of year I start searching for the perfect gift for Mothers day. Not only concerned with my purchase but that of my Husbands choice for his mum and what to steer the children into getting for me as well. It is all too easy to mistakenly fall for the tat that is overloading the shelves in a desperate bid to get something quick. But wait I may have found the solution.

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Handmade Mothers day Gift guide

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This year I’m determined to make more of my purchases with independent retailers. I’ve been so inspired my the amazing work I’ve seen through my Creative Corner interview series. That I know I can find the perfect gifts for any occasion. Mother’s day is just around the corner, so I’ve compiled my favourite Handmade Mothers day Gifts to inspire everyone to shop independent this year.
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3 quick and easy Valentines card ideas

January is drawing to a close and perhaps your thoughts are turning to Valentine’s Day? Why not send your hearts desire something a little more personal this year than the over priced commercial tat filling the shop windows. You don’t have to be crafty to make these quick and easy valentines card ideas. Plus you can write your own special message inside!
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Seven great Halloween party ideas for Grown ups

Why should Children have all the fun at Halloween? I must admit I do love Halloween. I find it a great excuse to have a party, dress up and eat some great food. Yet, all my parties these days are very Children focused. Now the boys are getting older, it might be the time to have a party just for the grown ups!Halloween party

7 great Halloween Party ideas for Grown ups

I’ve been inspired by the Halloween Pack provided by Festive Lights. To give you seven great ideas that will rock your grown ups Halloween party.


halloween party ideas1. There seems to be no pumpkin shortage this year. So go to town with pumpkins. Just having a big pile of them can be enough to create a great Halloween look. Or you could try a pumpkin carving competition. But perhaps that should happen before any drinking.Halloween party ideas

2. Candles add great atmosphere and look great when allowed to burn down awhile and leave dripping wax. Stick them in old wine bottles and burn for a few hours before the party to achieve this look.

Or if you want to avoid the hazard of open flames and drunk guests you can pick up some battery powered ones.


I’m sorry but you can’t have a Halloween party without dressing up. I have even managed to convince hubby to do this and he hates dressing up.

Struggling for ideas?

3. A simple look is to be a corpse. All you need is black and white face paint and you can be the corpse of your choice. Office corpse, footballer corpse or my favourite a corpse bride.halloween party

4. You can even have a go at making your own mini corpse bride bouquet, with my handy tutorial. halloween party



5. Great drinks. Every grown ups Halloween party. Needs to have some great cocktails. Go to town and be creative with the theme. Check out my Pinterest board for some good starting points.

Halloween party food.

6. To soak up all the booooze you need some good food. I’ve previously posted some great ideas for Halloween Party food. Although for kids originally they could be updated for more grown up tastes. Jello shots with gummy worms. Booze in the graveyard trifle.halloween party


7. Finally once everyone has had admired each others costumes, had their fill of cake and cocktails. You need to entertain your guests. My favourite suggestion  from the party pack is to play the mummy game which involves wrapping someone in loo roll quickly. Inexpensive and great fun. The loo roll will probably come in handy later, for cleaning up too!

For other great Halloween party ideas check out this Halloween pack from Festive Lights.

Halloween party

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Magic Santa letter review and discount code

How do you celebrate Christmas? Is Father Christmas an important part of your children’s celebrations? We are a little different to most families in this country as we celebrate on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition that has come from my side of the family and when my husband and I married we had to combine both of your traditions. So how can Santa letter fit in to our traditions?santa letter

For us Father Christmas isn’t the be all and end all of Christmas, he is a part of our celebrations but not everything. So we emphasis to the boys that Christmas and the gifts we receive are about family. I don’t want all  the credit for the toys taken by Santa! Most of the gift giving is done on Christmas eve under a candle lit tree.

Then Santa delivers a few special gifts for Christmas morning. This was the best way to combine both our family traditions and still keeps the magic of Christmas.santa letter

I know my youngest will be delighted when he receives this letter from Santa. It comes so beautifully presented and to have a letter addressed to him is something special.

Inside is a personalised letter to him, in which it describes how he has behaved this year and comments on how big he’s getting now he’s four. I’ve also adding in what he has asked for Christmas.

The certificate for good behaviour I know will be pinned to the fridge and the colouring pages should keep him occupied for a good afternoon. santa letter

We can’t wait to sprinkle the reindeer food outside and feel the magic on Christmas eve. As we all wait for Santa to deliver that extra special gift.santa letter

I am very lucky to be able to offer my readers an exclusive discount code that will give you 30% discount off every type of Santa letter at Magic Santa letter.

Use X25OFF and order an extra special keepsake for your little ones this Christmas.santa letter

I was very kindly sent this Magic Santa letter to review in exchange for my honest opinion. You can find out more by looking at my advertising and disclosure policy. 

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Ten great gifts for every type of Dad

Father’s day will soon be upon us and I like many mums, daughters and wives will be looking for the perfect Father’s day gift. In fact I will be looking for four. As I have my hubby to buy for as the kids are too young, my Dad, my step Dad and my Father In Law because hubby is too lazy. So when it comes to Father’s day gifts I think I am a bit of an expert and I have narrowed it down to ten perfect gifts to suit every type of Dad.


1. The Old School Dad.

These days most people check the time on their phone, but not the old school dad. He needs a watch. This is the perfect gift for him. A classic watch with a stitched brown leather strap that goes so well with the gold case and white opaline dial. My hubby feels he isn’t dressed without a watch and loves this Henry London from Amara.

Buy Now from Amara.

2. The Sporty Dad

Every serious runner needs something cool to listen to while they pound the pavement or the treadmill. Make sure your Dad never misses a note with these wireless Bluetooth sport headphones which are also sweat resistant.

3.The Sweet Tooth Dad

Chocolates may not be the first thing you’d think of when gift buying for your Dad but I know my hubby has a sweet tooth and in fact most of the men I know are partial to chocolates. Give them a more refined and grown up version with these Elizabeth Shaw Salted Carmel Crisps. If you can resist eating them before June the 18th that is.


4. The Gamer Dad

Gaming isn’t just for kids, I know my hubby really got the PlayStation for himself not the boys. So for big gamer dads this is the perfect Tee for them.

5. The Travel Loving Dad

Some Dads would be happy to be on permanent vacation. You know the type, back from one holiday and planning the next. In shorts and sandals from the first signs of spring to the last drops of Autumn. For classic, cool comfort all summer long, give them a pair of Ugg Ithan Cork sandals. My hubby’s feet just don’t want to part with his!

Buy now from Amara.

6. The Lazy Dad

I have been know to say that my hubby is lazy but really he isn’t. Some Dads are kind of proud of their Laziness so here is the perfect gift for them.

7. The DIY Dad.

We own about three tape measures in our house and yet we can never find one when we need it. Be sure your Dad knows which one is his with this fun No.1 Dad measure.

8. The Connoisseur Dad

For many Dads I know, Whiskey has become one of their favourite drinks. They can become experts in the age, area and flavours of the whiskey. If you know one of these Connoisseur Dads then you will know, you should not put ice in it as it waters it down. These whiskey stones made from Granite chill the whiskey without dilution.

9. The Classic Dad

When going out meant you wore a shirt and really dressed up. If you’ve heard this phrase before than you have probably met a Classic Dad. These Brass Plated ‘Brave and True’ cufflinks are the perfect gift. Great also for office dads and those that have weddings to go to this year. My hubby will be proudly sporting his at the summer weddings we are attending this year. A stylish and contemporary accessory perfect to finish off a smart outfit.

Buy Now from Amara.

10 The Well Read Dad

For Dad’s that say they have read everything why not get them, Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Less than Zero is a Cult classic and is regularly featured in books to read before you die lists.
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Easter craft pack review

My boys were lucky enough to be sent these craft packs from Hello Moon just in time for the start of the Easter Holidays.
I must admit by 9:30 on the first day we had broke them out! My boys are very early risers and we had already exhausted the ideas I had planned for the day.

So as I settled to try and drink a hot cup of tea, I let them loose with pens and glue at the kitchen table and Easter magic took place…
The packs were beautiful, high quality print and gorgeous designs. They had a range of activities in which suited both boys 3 and 8. The youngest loved the colouring in pages and the eldest loved the puzzles and mazes.
He also loved the mask making, not that he really had much input in this task apart from colouring the ears pink (naturally), but he loved being a moustached rabbit.
The little bunny boxes were also a great hit and made a good addition to our little Easter display, with our Easter branch decorated with wooden eggs and the chocolate nest cakes, which didn’t last long!

We haven’t exhausted the activities yet and I’m sure I’ll be steering the boys to the craft table again soon, if only to get another ten minutes peace. Where I might get to drink my tea hot for a change.
If you haven’t already found Hello Moon, I would thoroughly recommend a visit. They produce the most beautiful personalised prints in such great designs. There is something to suit every age and every taste. You can also find hello moon on Twitter and Facebook.
I was sent the craft packs for free in exchange for my honest review. You can find full details of my advertising and disclosure policy here.

Easter Etsy gift guide


Non – chocolate Easter gift guide for Kids. All under £5.00


I don’t know about you, but with our extended family the boys can end up with over 13 Easter eggs each! That’s a whopping amount of chocolate, whilst they might love it, I don’t want to contribute to their sugar consumption. So we always buy non-chocolate related gifts. I always stress to the boys that Easter is not Christmas or their Birthday and they should non expect or demand a pile of stuff so they get an egg hunt with the family and a small gift from us. Looking over on testy I have found some great gift ideas for kids for under £5.00. This does not include postage and package as it varied so much from seller to seller. I have included my favourite picks for all kids from the littlest to pre-teens.


Bunny Rabbit Bookmark, cute, felt, Easter gift for kids, available in any colour

Bunny Bookmark

How cute are these bunny bookmark’s from KatzKuriosities at £3.49 they make a perfect gift for an avid book reader at Easter. Why not combine them with a book to make a larger gift as well.

Girls Personalised Easter Bracelet. Child's Bracelet. Kids Bracelet. Children's gifts. Girls gift. Party favors.

Easter Bracelet

I know my Nieces would love these personalised bracelets from DsJems. In such lovely spring colours and with a cute bunny charm they make a truly special gift.

Happy Easter Wooden Egg Cup, Personalised Easter, Wooden Egg Cup, Easter Egg Cup, Easter Gift, Happy Easter, Wooden Egg Cup, Wooden Egg Cup

Wooden egg cup

Not for chocolate eggs! This beautiful wooden egg cup is the perfect holder for a boiled egg on Easter Sunday. It’s been a tradition for many a year to have boiled eggs with faces drawn on them and the boys would love these eggs cups from Little orchard creations  and at £4.00 they give much more value for money than chocolate.

Bunny Crayons - Gifts for Kids - Rabbit Crayons - Handmade Crayons - Party Gift - Gift for a Child - Set of 6 Wax Crayons

Bunny crayons

These bunny crayons are perfect for pre-schoolers. They come in a range of colours in a cute rabbit design and are perfect for little hand to hold. At £4.50 for a set of six they’d be great for Easter crafts over the break. Find them at Colour me fun.

Easter Bunny Egg and Chick Soap Set | Your Choice of Colors | Soap Favor | Easter Gift for Kids | Easter Basket Filler | Optional Charm

Easter soaps

Need something to wash all that chocolate off the kids! They’ll love bath time with these cute Easter themed soaps, choose from chicks, bunnies and eggs and pick your favourite colour for £3.32 from Soap Art.

My 1st Easter bunny baby vest. My first easter bodysuit. Bunny vest. Easter Vest.

Bunny baby vest

This cute baby vest almost makes me wish I had tiny ones again. I’ll just have to hope one of my friends has had a baby by next Easter so I can get this from Threaders Boutique £4.00

Pink ribbon bunny ears for girls, Easter hair accessories for girls.

Bunny ear clips

I have to admit I’m half tempted to get these for myself. Do you think a 37 year old woman could get away with them? Probably at Easter! If not visit Shelly Sparkle Uk to get some for the girls in your life. £2.50

Cross Stitch Kits, craft set, children's stocking filler, party favour, embroidered key ring, embroidery gift

Owl cross stitch kit.

I couldn’t pass by this cute owl cross stitch set £5.00. Perfect for keeping older ones quite for a while and a great introduction to cross stitch. Find it at Under the rowan trees.

1 Pcs Crochet peas Crochet vegetables Pretend Play food Tactile toy Amigurumi Toys for toddlers Kids Toy Play Kitchen food Educationa

Crochet peas

I love these crochet peas from Rainbow happiness! Spring is a great time to talk to the kids about new life, growth and the cycle of the seasons. I love pretend play food and we have a big collection. These peas at £3.32 would make a great addition to our play farmers market.

Bunny Yo-Yo, Rabbit Toy Yo-Yo- Kids, Wood Yo-yo, Easter Gifts, Gift for Boy, Gift for Girl- Classic Toy- Paryt Favor

Bunny Yo-yo

Finally for older children, how about this yo-yo from Toying around. Hours of time can be spent perfecting new moves and tricks. Perfect for after Sunday Lunch. At £4.97 it fits just under my £5.00 budget but the hours that could be spent playing with it makes it worth it.

Hope you have find my gift guide inspiring. Have you got any other great non-chocolate Easter gift ideas. Please share them here.

Please note I have not had any incentives to share these products with you. If you want to read my advertising and disclosure policy you can find it here.

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Mother’s day gift guide

It’s not to late to shop for a gift for that most special person in your life. Your Mum, or in case my hubby is reading this (your kids mum). Deciding what to buy can be the tricky part.
So to help you I’ve gathered together some great ideas for gifts and even better some great discounts.

Mother’s day gift guide*

Who doesn’t love the White Company. It’s my go to for classic and understated gifts. The perfect match for elegant mums. You can get 20% off plus free delivery via this link.

Or how about flowers. I don’t think I would ever be unhappy if someone got me flowers.

Serenta flowers: 5% Off All Orders

Everlasting flowers? Why not try Bloom and get 5% off orders over £50, 10% off orders over £75, 15% off orders over £100

Hampers always seem very luxurious to me and I would love to get one for Mother’s day (Hint hubby!) He might even be tempted with 15% Off All Orders

Finally my go to site for present buying. With gifts for everyone and every occasion, you are sure to find the perfect gift for mothers day at the Original Gift company plus 10% off when you spend £60

All the discounts can be access via Pouch Which is a free browser extension that saves you time and money. Pouch automatically finds and displays the best voucher codes as you shop online, on over 3,000 UK stores. Once you download Pouch you never need to visit a voucher code website again.
Joining pouch is simple, simply add pouch to your browser. Visit online stores and it then notifies you when voucher codes are available. Simply click on the deal you want and apply it to your shopping basket.
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