Seven great Halloween party ideas for Grown ups

Why should Children have all the fun at Halloween? I must admit I do love Halloween. I find it a great excuse to have a party, dress up and eat some great food. Yet, all my parties these days are very Children focused. Now the boys are getting older, it might be the time to have a party just for the grown ups!Halloween party

7 great Halloween Party ideas for Grown ups

I’ve been inspired by the Halloween Pack provided by Festive Lights. To give you seven great ideas that will rock your grown ups Halloween party.


halloween party ideas1. There seems to be no pumpkin shortage this year. So go to town with pumpkins. Just having a big pile of them can be enough to create a great Halloween look. Or you could try a pumpkin carving competition. But perhaps that should happen before any drinking.Halloween party ideas

2. Candles add great atmosphere and look great when allowed to burn down awhile and leave dripping wax. Stick them in old wine bottles and burn for a few hours before the party to achieve this look.

Or if you want to avoid the hazard of open flames and drunk guests you can pick up some battery powered ones.


I’m sorry but you can’t have a Halloween party without dressing up. I have even managed to convince hubby to do this and he hates dressing up.

Struggling for ideas?

3. A simple look is to be a corpse. All you need is black and white face paint and you can be the corpse of your choice. Office corpse, footballer corpse or my favourite a corpse bride.halloween party

4. You can even have a go at making your own mini corpse bride bouquet, with my handy tutorial. halloween party



5. Great drinks. Every grown ups Halloween party. Needs to have some great cocktails. Go to town and be creative with the theme. Check out my Pinterest board for some good starting points.

Halloween party food.

6. To soak up all the booooze you need some good food. I’ve previously posted some great ideas for Halloween Party food. Although for kids originally they could be updated for more grown up tastes. Jello shots with gummy worms. Booze in the graveyard trifle.halloween party


7. Finally once everyone has had admired each others costumes, had their fill of cake and cocktails. You need to entertain your guests. My favourite suggestion  from the party pack is to play the mummy game which involves wrapping someone in loo roll quickly. Inexpensive and great fun. The loo roll will probably come in handy later, for cleaning up too!

For other great Halloween party ideas check out this Halloween pack from Festive Lights.

Halloween party

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Crafty October on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Free skull with flower head band cross stitch pattern PDF

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d share with you this delightful skull pattern. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s got flowers on her skull and she’s ready to party. Although the pattern is quite large at just under 100 x 100 it has a limited palette and I have not filled in the skull, preferring just to outline her in black on white cloth. You could however fill her head in, if you chose to stitch her on coloured cloth. I’d love to see pics of her and you can share them with me on Twitter and my Facebook page. Just click on the read more link to download the free pattern.

free skull cross stitch pattern

 Grab your FREE skull pattern

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Crafty October on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Halloween party decorations and food

I just thought I would do a quick round up of all the Halloween party food and decorations I made for last year’s celebrations. I quiet like Halloween as it’s a chance to get together with friends and family and celebrate but without the pressure of Christmas. Good food, fun and the chance to dress up! Halloween is a chance to go to town with the decorations and be playful with the food.Halloween party decorations and food
We don’t let our kids trick or treat around where we live, so I love to have as many kids over to party. With so many niece’s and nephew’s now we soon have a house full!
Halloween party decorations and food

I kept the colour scheme simple and went for purple and black as my main colours. I used a large piece of purple fabric for my table cloth and cut a black vinyl spider web to decorate it.

 Halloween party display ideas.

Halloween party decorations and food

I used some black sticker film and cut eyes and a mouth to decorate my fish bowl vase and then filled it with cheese puffs to make a pumpkin.

Halloween party decorations and food

I baked chocolate cupcakes and topped them with marshmallow teacakes and red laces to make spider cakes.

Halloween party decorations and food

I also decorated my paper plates with a sharpie to make spider webs.

Halloween party decorations and food

I made crepe paper purple roses and added fresh ivy to make tasteful table decorations.

Halloween party decorations and food

I also used purple feathers to continue to colour scheme.

Halloween party decorations and food

To make this spooky salad I used a bag of bistro salad that has shredded beetroot in it and then added slices of cucumber on the top. I made the faces in the cucumber by cutting them with the end of a drinking straw.


Halloween party decorations and food


For sweet treats I made this graveyard black forest trifle and worm jellies.

Halloween party decorations and food

Overall I was really pleased with the final spread and everyone had a great time. I hope this inspires you and that you have a Happy Halloween.

Halloween party decorations and food
Halloween party decorations and food

Fabric Pumpkins

Decorating for Autumn (fall) isn’t something that I have really done before. But since moving into our new house and inheriting some lovely pieces of furniture I couldn’t resist adding a little seasonal decoration around the house.

I made these pumpkins from scrap fabrics I had that all had a orange /brown accent to them. They are so easy to make, basically using a gathered circle, stuffed and decorated with yarn and a felt stalk.

My favorite piece of furniture is this beautiful side table. I think it was originally designed to be a dressing table but we have it in our living room. I’ve teamed my fabric pumpkins with brown glass, crystal bowl and decanter and gold tea light hangers that we had as table decorations when we got married.

Don’t they look cute? I might add a table runner to go with them as I still have some scraps left.

Free cross stitch Halloween Spider web PDF pattern

A great Spider web pattern to whip up for Halloween. Only one colour to use and would look great hung in it’s hoop. If you like my cross stitch patterns why not follow me on Instagram where you can see me stitching up my favourites of my designs.spider web

I’m hoping to stitch this one up in time for Halloween this year, I think it would look great in the hallway. Just click on the pop out to download your free Spider web pattern. Don’t forget to check out all my other great Halloween cross stitch patterns.

FREE Spider web cross stitch pattern

spider web

Crafty October on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Thanks to the talented Jeni Lynn Ingram for Stitching up this amazing model. If you would like to work with Jeni you can contact her via the Facebook group Embroidery Model stitchers and Designers.

Want a great FREEBIE to go with this awesome pattern? Grab your FREE alphabet pattern here to personalise your charts. spider web

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Day of the dead embroidery and cross stitch

I have always enjoyed the imagery from the festival of the Day of the dead. I recently turned up some illustrations I had made during my jewellery making course which I took as part of my degree these had been inspired by the day of the dead.

What do you think? The coloured background isn’t stitched it’s just to show up the skulls.

When I re-discovered them I knew they would make both excellent cross stitch and embroidery patterns.

These are now listed in my Etsy store and they are simple enough that you could whip them up in time to make some great decorations.

new Etsy.Mini(8681662,’gallery’,4,5,0,’’);

These skulls are also available on a range of products from my Zazzle store.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Great Halloween craft ideas

I do love crafting for Holidays and Halloween is becoming one occasion we celebrate more than we used to in the U.K. We have a lot of catching up, until we are anything like the USA for all things spooky, but with that in mind I thought I’d quickly share my Pinterest Halloween board as it has some great, quick and kid friendly ideas on it. Enjoy!

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