Why I wear a uniform (when I don’t have to)*

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The first question people ask me when they find out I teach is, what subject? When I tell them Food technology they say ‘ah cooking’. I can see in their eyes images of ruddy faced Home economics teachers from their youth instructing them how to make a Chelsea bun and they imagine that nothing has changed.
Why I wear a uniform


Why wear uniform?

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth and this is why I choose to wear a uniform when I don’t strictly speaking have to. I want to instil into my pupils and their parents the high level of professionalism I deliver (and expect) from my pupils. Put it this way who would you rather have teach you how to cook, someone who dresses in crisp clean whites looking professional or someone who has just thrown a pinny over whatever they started the day in?

Food technology and Catering should be regarded as demanding subjects to take. They are not an easy option. They require huge input for the coursework and have a wide skill set that pupils are expected to master.

Why I wear a uniform


For me helping pupils make a route into catering begins with the tone I set. I wear chefs whites to deliver my lessons, as it shows I am prepared for my role. I look the part and pupils often ask me after first seeing me in whites and my clogs if I used to be a chef. There is no used to be about it. I am not an old school cooking teacher I am a professional training pupils in catering.

Plus these are the clothes you should be wearing working with food! I am appalled at some of the things people cooking of the telly wear. Long hair hanging loose, jewellery and dangly bits of clothing flapping around. Excuse me while I puke. If you have ever had to take your Food hygiene certificate you will know you are expected to dress in whites to prepare food.

Why I wear a uniform

 Returning to teaching.

So as I prepare to go back to teaching in September I’ll be picking up new whites from Simon Jersey and preparing to convert the minds of pupils and parents that Food Technology has moved on from Chelsea buns and doyleys.
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Teachers Personalised Gift Guide

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The summer holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to thank those adults that help shape your children. Hardworking teachers just like me! Show them you appreciate their work and give them a small gift. Hint! I’d love any of these!

teachers gift guide

Drinks for teachers

For those teachers you know that really do deserve a bottle of wine, why not make it a little more special with a personalised wine bottle t-shirt.

Or how about this engraved wine glass? Just as long as your kids haven’t made them resort to already swigging the wine straight from the bottle.

Stationery for teachers

Every teacher is secretly a stationery addict, so make them really happy with a note book with their name on.

For all the nice pens they don’t want to lend out, plus the dreaded red one! Give them this fab apple design personalised pencil case.

Other great gift ideas

How about something special for their Design Technology teacher? I know I love my tape measure from Funky Tape Measure. No one can pinch it again.

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teachers gift guide

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Got a little one leaving nursery to start school? Why not give their special nursery teacher this cute cushion cover to remember them by.

Every teacher needs a good mug with their name on. I regularly leave them all over the place so it’s great when they get returned to me. I especially love the rainbow pencils design.

Stop your kids teachers lugging their marking home in a carrier bag and give them a great personalised tote instead.

Finally if you think you’ve got kids that will make the teacher need a survival kit for the next year. How about this cute idea? Filled with little humorous or sentimental tokens such as a plaster for helping them get better or a balloon for helping them reach the sky.
teachers gift guide

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