Why I wear a uniform (when I don’t have to)

The first question people ask me when they find out I teach is, what subject? When I tell them Food technology they say ‘ah cooking’. I can see in their eyes images of ruddy faced Home economics teachers from their youth instructing them how to make a Chelsea bun and they imagine that nothing has changed.


Teachers Personalised Gift Guide

The summer holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to thank those adults that help shape your children. Hardworking teachers just like me! Show them you appreciate their work and give them a small gift. Hint! I’d love any of these!

How to make your own exploding volcano

This was from our ‘fortunately the milk’ project and I must say if you don’t mind the smell of vinegar for a bit it’s well worth doing as kids love it. You will need: a small pot, a tray,  some playdough,  100ml of white vinegar coloured red with food colouring  two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. Mould your playdough around …