5 Great Short Haul Destinations

In collaboration with Holiday Gems. Enough already with this awful weather! I am so fed up with looking out at the rain and still having the heating on. I have hatched a plan to get away this summer. We were not planning to go abroad this year but I just can’t stand the thought of not feeling the summer heat. …


My 2018 Travel Bucket List

The post contains Sponsored link When the new year has arrived and we are stuck in the depths of Winter, I like nothing more than dreaming of far away lands and warm sandy shores. It is often a topic of conversation between hubby and I when we finally get to sit down in the evening. Where would we like to …

Finding the perfect family car

sponsored post The time has come when I need to find a new family car. I’m not keen on shopping for cars, which is why I have put it off for so long. However the old girl has done e great service for the past eight years. So it got me thinking what do I want in my next car? …


Bricklive NEC 2017 review

As I’ve said before, our family are big Lego fans. So we were delighted when we found out we had passes to attend Bricklive UK. The wait and anticipation was almost too much to bear for my eldest. Who it has to be said is the biggest lover of Lego in the household.

How to get ready for Winter driving

Post in collaboration with Point S. I had open evening at school the other night and coming home at past nine at night. Along what are still unfamiliar roads in the horrible weather. It struck me that I didn’t feel as confident in my car. So I set myself the task of making sure my car is ready for the …


Bricklive 2017

Are you a Lego Fan? It has to be said we are BIG Lego fans in this house. My eldest has loved Lego since he got his first set at four and the youngest has followed his passion for the genius toy. Which is why we are all so very excited to be going to BRICKLIVE. Which is being hailed …


Great days out Worcestershire with kids – Eastnor Castle

What’s not to love about a castle? Especially one that is practically on my doorstep. It’s been a good few years since I’d visited Eastnor Castle and we have never been with the kids. So a sunny day was the perfect time to pack a picnic and visit.


My top five holiday destinations

Post contains sponsored and affiliate links* Being born in a hot country I think gave me a taste for warm weather. My hubby always says I am happiest when the sun is on my back. From an early age I have had the travel bug and have been lucky enough to visit and holiday in some amazing places in my …


Top tips for flying with kids

This post contains affiliate and sponsored links Summer holidays are nearly here and as you frantically try and pack. You may start to worry about how your kids will cope on a flight. Not only do you want it to be a stress free as possible for you but as enjoyable as possible for the kids. Lets face it, it’s …


The best places to visit in Worcestershire with kids – Whitley Court

So this week we have hopped over the boarder into the next county on our exploration of the best places to visit in Hereford and Worcestershire with kids. That’s the perfect thing about where we live almost straddling the two counties means we have so many great places to visit. Whitley court has long been a favourite of hubby and …