Free Christmas cross stitch patterns

Christmas patterns

I do love Christmas and I find it can be the perfect excuse to Cross stitch. Whether you feel inspired to make gifts, to add some personal decorations to the tree or to stitch all your cards. I often find it’s just that you have a little extra time in front of the fire. Cross stitch is perfect for Christmas.

A Christmas pattern for everyone.

Here you will find my collection of free Christmas cross stitch patterns. Ranging from a series for an advent calendar which you can get the patterns for individually or as a complete chart to a collection of seasonal motifs which come in larger sizes. There is something for every type of stitcher, most of the patterns use full count stitches which are great for beginners. Don’t panic if you haven’t tried back-stitch or French knots as I also have some great tutorials too! ┬áDon’t forget you can also take a look at my stores on Etsy, Craftsy and my shop page.