23 Amazing Gluten Free Cake Recipes

I’ve been looking back over some of my baking projects that I have posted and I am so pleased with how many great gluten free bakes I have produced since becoming a coeliac. In fact I’ve rounded up 23 Amazing Gluten Free Cake Recipes that you really must try. Even if you are not looking for gluten free recipes, they are well worth baking. Trust me you’ll be back for another slice!

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How I Organise my Blogging Time

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In an ideal scenario I would have all the time in the world to work on my blog. This would be a dream and I have recently seen other bloggers that have taken the leap to work on their blogs full time. At the moment I don’t make enough money from my blog to justify giving up my part time teaching job. So my current situation is that I work two and half days a week as a high school teacher. The other half of the week is my blogging time. Minus the school runs I probably get a solid 15 hours a week to run my blog. I don’t know how this compares to others. For me it often feels that I do not have enough time. So I have to be super organised. This is how I organise my blogging time.

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5 Great Short Haul Destinations

In collaboration with Holiday Gems.

Enough already with this awful weather! I am so fed up with looking out at the rain and still having the heating on. I have hatched a plan to get away this summer. We were not planning to go abroad this year but I just can’t stand the thought of not feeling the summer heat. My compromise with hubby is that it’s not a long flight. He get way too wound up by the boys on anything longer! So I’ve made a list of five great short haul destinations I’d be happy to holiday at.

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Dawn Gill Designs Creative Corner Interview

I’ve always been a big fan of Silver Jewellery, I hardly own anything made of gold apart from my Wedding band. It just goes with everything! So when I virtually met Dawn from Dawn Gill Designs I knew I have to take a closer look at her work. Read more about her jewellery in this week’s Creative Corner Interview.

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Must Have Blogging Accessories

In collaboration with Old English Co.

Over the years I have collected bits and pieces that I use for my everyday blogging and photography. Some things were bought on a whim and somethings I have learned to never be apart from. Now the new financial year have arrived it’s time to think about what I need to update or replace in my box of blogging accessories. So I’ve been trawling the Old English Co. website and I’ve come up with my shopping list!

blogging accessories

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March blogging stats and April goals

March has been super busy, not only on the blog, but also guest posting. Plus it’s been a short half term at school add in another snow day and I feel rushed off my feet. So how did I do with these March blogging stats.

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FREE April Desktop Wallpaper Download

April is finally here and hopefully the warmer weather is just around the corner. I just love Spring, it’s so full of possibilities and a glimpse of the summer is just through the clouds. Thinking of Summer and holidays reminded me of the cute pastel coloured cottages I love when I visit the coast down South. So I thought I’d use this as my prompt for this months April Desktop Wallpaper.

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