A sneaky peek at my study

After sharing with you some of the items I have on display in my bedroom I thought I might show you some of the things I look at most often. Items from my study. Although when I say study I really mean the corner I have carved out for myself in the playroom. One desk and one shelf is all I am limited to.

As you can see I am already overflowing on the shelf and should really think about curbing my craft magazine addiction. The other photos are some more of my Dad’s work which I have sat next to each other in the windowsill as I think their colours really complement each other and my favourite colour is blue.

He really is a talented artist, he can paint in both water colour and oils and makes beautiful ceramics. I should really find somewhere better to show these off then stuffed up in the playroom. However I do get to look at them a lot and enjoy them so I suppose that’s all that really matters.

Like this? You’ll love

Fathers and daughters craft


I thought I would share with you some of my dad’s work. He works in all manner of materials and often makes things as gifts for me. I thought I would show you two things that I keep on display in my bedroom, a small ceramic dish that I like to keep my Jewelry in and a oil painting of William on holiday in Corfu last year. Also I wanted to show you what I had made whilst the hubby watched more football last night. A good incentive to get my creative hat on and use up some of the other craft materials I’ve got lying around. x

dads dish
William in Corfu oil on canvas
elasticated glass beaded bracelets 

Fry in July? Here’s hoping …

Close up detail

Well the weather man says that we are going to fry in July, so in that faint glimmer of hope that I may get to spend some time outside this year. I have returned to making things that make the garden more comfortable. First item a new cushion for my favorite garden seat free machine embroidered with a design inspired from dandelion heads. I know not something you want to see in your real garden but pretty none the less. x

Not on the garden chair yet!

What to do with ground almonds and a 50p bag of beads

Hello, William and I have certainly enjoyed the benefit of my new part time hours and been up to all sorts of making activities. We also had time to visit the Worcester resource exchange, which I would recommend to any parent who doesn’t want to spend to much money on crafty supplies and it definitely encourages you to get your thinking cap on. I think they have these sorts of places all around the country and their definitely worth a look. So in alongside  building a folding paper house and drawing a very large farm on a roll of paper we found we also had time to bake some delicious Black Cherry Bakewell tarts. The only complaint we had was there could have been more jam in them but as you can see they were packed with filling!
My other great find was at the resource exchange I mangaged to pick up a lovely bag of beads for 50p and here are the two creations I made whilst hubby was watching the football last night. x

Heart of hearts cross stitch – Making Magazine


Just finished the heart of hearts sampler that I have been making for my friends baby girl. I will frame it soon and I hope that she will love it as much as I do. I think I may use some of the larger motifs to make cross stitch lavender bags. You can never have to many hearts in your house. William is sleeping now, tired out from bowling and pizza. So I will use these few precious moments to catch up on my sewing pile.

Jubilee, rock and roll and cross stitch

 I have been having a lovely time this week. This has much to do with it being half term! About time too, sneaky shifting of it to fall when the double bank holiday is. Any way my nod to being patriotic was to make cup cakes and eat scones with strawberries and cream. I can’t say that other than that the jubilee had much impact on me.

The other thing I have been up to is customising old clothes to have as examples for my refashioning project for year nine. I am hoping to get the year all excitied by Textiles and hopefully my option numbers will rise this year. So far this is what I’ve come up with …..

Scant made from levis with a frill edge and a charm made from the bits they sew into tops to keep them on the hangers. 

Double layered rock t -shirts with shredded top layer. 


close up embroidered skull detail 

red lining and levi seams handles 

 I’ve also continued to work on the motifs for the needle books at school. I like the tailors dummy but I’m not so impressed with what should be a thimble.

Good bye for now. Ruth x

Cakes! Strawberries! and cross stitch

I have had a busy week. My father in law asked me to make a cake for my mother in laws 51 birthday and he picked out a lemon flower design from my cake book. I was fairly pleased with it but the royal icing used to do the vines could have been thicker. Then I made the chess cake for my step dads birthday. Not quite to scale its only 6 by 6 rather than 8 by 8 but I was pleased with the modelling, especially the knights. Then I had promised my year 11’s that I would make them a cake, so the chef duff inspired circles was for them.

The strawberries are an adapted version of the free gift from this months Craftseller magazine. I changed the design slightly and used blanket stitch around the edges and french knot and beads instead of the seed stitch suggested.
We are trying out giving needle books to the children at school to encourage them to keep the pins and needles stored safely and not all scattered over the tables and floors of my class room. I get through so many pins this way as the cleaners just sweep them up and throw them away. So I stitched a few designs to go on the fronts of them. They are adapted from patterns in the Jo Verso book picture it in cross stitch which I picked up at a charity shop for 50p.  Bargain

Not much crafting going on

I’m sorry to say William and I have been lacking in the energy to get up to much crafty stuff since Easter. We’re both under the weather and after a quick trip to the doctors it turns out the William has an other round of throat infection and I have to go back for blood tests later in the week. That coupled with the awful weather and all we’ve done is watch movies and eat the eggs! I’m hoping that us and weather will improve before the end of the holidays so we can get some good makes in before our time gets cut short. I will try and update with some photos of projects I have on the go later. x

Easter crafts

William’s paper plate chicken which he made with his grandma

William’s bunny basket

Easter chocolate nest cakes

I finally finished the first patchwork garden cushion. I used a water proof baking material so it’ll be good even when the grass is a bit damp

Lunchtime cheese scones….. or what was left!!

William’s Easter craft display

Paper daffodils made from a Early learning centre kit

Daffodils and wedding boughs from the garden

Easter nest cakes version two

William counting the spoils from the egg hunt

Here’s a quick round up of what William and I have been up to in the first week of the Easter holidays.

Sunshine makes

The beautiful weather continues and now we have spent two consectutive days out in the garden I am reminded of all the summer makes I started last year and didn’t complete because of the wash out weather.
So to the loft I will return to fish out the patchwork picnic blanket and the floor cushions. I will finish them this year! Hopefully now I’m dropping to part time hours I will have more time to get things done for the house.
Not only have we been enjoying the sunshine but also we baked the german friendship sour dough cake. It is yummy with a tang and I’ll post photos of the second one baked as the first one didn’t hang around for long. x