St Patricks day round up

When I was younger my Dad always wanted me to enter the Rose of Tralee. My Irish heritage is strong on both sides of my family and I have often visited Tipperary and Cullen where my families originated from. So I have a good reason to enjoy St Patrick’s day. Even if you can find a shred of Irish in you. It’s a fun time to get your craft on and to enjoy some great Irish food. With that in mind I’ve rounded up some of my favourite St Patrick’s Day crafts and recipes from fellow bloggers for you to enjoy.

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International Womens day – Design competition

Today is International Women’s day and it’s great opportunity to raise up women in your life who you are thankful for or how need an extra boost. It’s also a good day to continue to challenge the inequality that exists around the world. I will be happy when we live in a globally fairer society. In celebration of today Spoonflower set the International womens day design challenge.  Continue reading “International Womens day – Design competition”

Top Five Gluten Free Flours

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I love baking and have done ever since I was a child. Getting diagnosed as a Coeliac I thought would put a stop to my love of baking. But it has fuelled me to learn more about the science of baking and how to use the ingredients to create wonder bakes, that mimic or even out do wheat based flours. These are my top five Gluten Free flours.

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Shredded Leeks Quinoa Tabbouleh

Do you like Leeks? I love them and find that they are often a good one for kids who don’t like the stronger taste of onion. My eldest hated onion from an early age but had no objection to Leeks so I’ve often used them as a substitute. With it being St. David’s day tomorrow, I was asked if I wouldn’t mind cooking up a recipe from British Leeks. So I chose to make a Quinoa Tabbouleh with Shredded Leeks and Preserved Lemon. Continue reading “Shredded Leeks Quinoa Tabbouleh”