Hi, Welcome to my recipes page. As featured on Buzzfeed.
This page is updated as I add new recipes to the blog so remember to pop back. I have now moved all my Gluten free recipes to another page.
Just click on the link to take you to the full recipe. Enjoy!

Chocolate and cherry tiffin

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate chip loaf

Cinnamon cake

Swiss roll

Madeira cake

Clementine cake

Banana and walnut tray bake

Apple, maple and cinnamon tray bake

Chocolate chip and fudge cookies


Jam tarts

Oyster cakes

Chocolate and ginger cupcakes

Peanut butter monster krispie cakes

Jammy eyeballs

Christmas cranberry muffins

Blueberry and orange muffins

Blueberry crumble cake

Cherry brown betty

Marble pear tray bake

Oatmeal button biscuits

Oat cookies

Peanut butter cookies

Ginger cookies

Get set go bars

Treacle tart

Gypsy tart

Pumpkin pie

Baileys bread and butter pudding

Eves pudding

Strawberry jelly cheesecake

Apple pie

Fruit fool

Banana and caramel trifle

Red pesto palmier

Cheese and sweetcorn muffins


Halloumi french bean and watercress

Tomato and basil tart

Warming roast squash and carrot soup

Vegetarian Thai green curry

Tabbouleh with toasted pine nuts and pomegranate

Chickpea and couscous salad

Gnocchi and tomato bake

Butterbean and butternut squash stew

Butternut squash and chestnut risotto

Butterbean and pesto burger

Blackberry vodka

Pomegranate vodka